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kṛt cl.6 P. kṛnt/ati-, Epic also A1. te- and cl.1 P. kartati- (perf. cakarta-,2nd future kartsyati-or kartiṣyati-,1st future kartitā- ; subjunctive kṛnt/at-; Aorist akartīt-,Ved. 2. sg. akṛtas-), to cut, cut in pieces, cut off, divide, tear asunder, destroy etc.: Causal kartayati- idem or 'f. plural idem or 'f. plural Name of the verses ' commentator or commentary ' : Desiderative cikartiṣati- or cikṛtsati- ; ([ confer, compare , ; Lithuanian kertu infinitive mood kirsti,"to cut"; Slavonic or Slavonian korju1,"to split"; Latin curtus,culter; Hibernian or Irish ceartaighim,"I prune, trim, cut";cuirc,"a knife."])
nicṛtP. -cṛt/ati-, to infix, insert View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yati(fr. 3. ya-correlative of t/ati-;declined only in plural Nominal verb accusative y/ati-), as many as (= Latin quot), as often, how many or often (for 1. and 3. yati-See column 1 and p. 845) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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