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saptan sg. and plural (Nominal verb accusative sapt/a-; instrumental case t/abhis-; dative case ablative t/abhyas-; genitive case tān/ām- locative case t/asu-) seven (a favourite number with the Hindus, and regarded as sacred, often used to express an indefinite plurality [in the same manner as "three" , by which it is sometimes multiplied];hence 7 mātṛ-s, 7 streams, 7 oceans, 7 cities[ ] , 7 divisions of the world, 7 ranges of mountains, 7 ṛṣi-s, 7 vipra-s[ ] , 7 āditya-s, 7 dānava-s, 7 horses of the Sun, 7 flames of fire, 7 yoni-s of fire, 7 steps round the fire at marriage, 7 samidh-s, 7 tones, 7 sacrificial rites, 7 maryādā-s, thrice 7 padāni- or mystical steps to heaven[ ], thrice 7 cows etc.) [ confer, compare Zendhapta; Greek ; Latin septem; Lithuanian septyni1; Slavonic or Slavonian sedmi8; Gothic sibun; German sieben; English seven.]
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