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niviśA1. -viśate- (rarely P. ti-; see ; Aorist -aviśran-, -avikṣata- ; perfect tense -viviśre- ), to enter or penetrate into (accusative or locative case) ; to alight, descend ; to come to rest, settle down or in a home etc. ; to encamp ; to sit down upon (locative case) ; to resort to (accusative) ; to settle, take a wife ; to be founded (said of a town) ; to be fixed or intent on (locative case,said of the mind) ; to sink down, cease, disappear, vanish : Causal -veśayati-, to bring to rest ; to cause to enter, introduce ; to cause to sit or lie or settle down on (locative case) etc. ; to cause (a man) to marry ; to draw up or encamp (an army) ; to build, erect, found, populate (a house, temple, town etc.) etc. ; to lead or bring or put or transfer, to bestow on (locative case) ; to throw or hurl upon, shoot at (locative case) ; to fix in, fasten to (locative case), put on (clothes), appoint to (an office), turn or direct towards (mind, eye etc.) etc. ; to inscribe (paṭṭe-) ; to write down (nāma sva-haste-) ; to paint (citre-) ; to call to mind, impress (manasi-, hṛdaye-etc.) : Desiderative -vivikṣate-
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