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(not separable in all forms fr.2. -; see 1. su-ṣ/ū-, asu--,and4. su-) cl.6 P. () suv/ati- (in also te-,and according to to also savati-and -sauti-; perfect tense suṣuv/e- ; parasmE-pada suṣuvāṇ/a- q.v; Aorist asāvīt-, sāviṣat- : Passive voice sūy/ate- etc.) , to set in motion, urge, impel, vivify, create, produce etc. ; to hurl upon ; to grant, bestow (especially said of savitṛ-) ; to appoint or consecrate to (A1."to let one's self be consecrated") ; to allow, authorize : Intensive soṣavīti-, to urge or impel violently (said of savitṛ-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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