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sugehinīf. a good housewife View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sugeṣṇāf. "singing well", a kiṃ-narī- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sugevṛdhmfn. rejoicing in good progress View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sugevṛdhSee under 1. su-ga-, column 2. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kṣudra क्षुद्र a. [क्षुद्-कर्तरि रक्] (compar. क्षोदीयस्; superl. क्षोदिष्ठ) 1 Minute, small, tiny, little, trifling. -2 Mean, low, vile, base; क्षुद्रे$पि नूनं शरणं प्रपन्ने Ku.1.12. -3 Wicked. -4 Cruel. -5 Poor, indigent. -6 Miserly, niggardly; Me.17. -7 Diminutive, short. -8 Trifling, insignificant. -9 Unimportant, minor. -द्रः 1 A small particle of rice. -2 A bee or wasp. -द्रा 1 A bee; क्षुद्राभिरक्षुद्रतराभि- राकुलम् Śi.12.54. -2 A fly or gnat. -3 A woman maimed or crippled. -4 A quarrelsome woman. -5 A prostitute, whore, harlot; उपसृष्टा इव क्षुद्राधिष्ठितभवनाः K.17. -6 A base or despicable woman. -7 A dancing girl. -द्रम् Ved. A particle of dust, flour, meal; अव क्षुद्रमिव स्रवेत Rv.1.129.6. -Comp. -अञ्जनम् a kind of unguent applied to the eyes in certain diseases. -अन्त्रः the small cavity of the heart. -उलूकः a small owl. -कम्बुः a small shell. -कुलिशः a precious stone. -कुष्ठम् a mild form of leprosy. -घण्टिका 1 small bell. -2 a girdle of small bells. -चूडः N. of a bird. -चन्दनम् red sandal-wood. -जन्तुः any small animal. -तण्डुलः a grain of rice. -तातः a father's brother, uncle. -दंशिका a small gadfly. -पत्रा a kind of sorrel (Oxalis Pusilla). -पदम् a kind of measure of length (equal to 1 Aṅgulas). -बुद्धि a. low-minded, mean. -रसः 1 honey. -2 (pl.) base pleasures; Bhāg.5.13.1. -रोगः a minor disease; (44 are enumerated by Suśruta). -वंशा N. of a plant (Mimosa Pudica). -शर्करा a kind of suger (coming from यवनाल). -शार्दूलः leopard. -शङ्खः a small conch-shell. -सुवर्ण low or bad gold; i. e. brass. -हन् m. an epithet of Śiva.
Bloomfield Vedic
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ati dveṣāṃsy aryamā sugebhiḥ # RV.2.27.7b.
adabdhāḥ santi pāyavaḥ sugevṛdhaḥ # RV.8.18.2c.
tebhir no adya pathibhiḥ sugebhiḥ # RV.1.35.11c; VS.34.27c; TS.; KS.10.13c; KSA.1.1c.
devāṃ (MS. -vaṃ) id eṣi pathibhiḥ sugebhiḥ (MS. śivebhiḥ) # RV.1.162.21b; VS.23.16b; 25.44b; TS.; MS.1.2.15b: 25.14; KSA.6.5b; śB.; TB.; Apś.7.16.7b.
madhvā samañjan pathibhiḥ sugebhiḥ # VS.28.10d; TB.
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