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sthitam: neuter accusative singular past passive participle stem: sthita.
sthitam: neuter nominative singular past passive participle stem: sthita.
sthitam: masculine accusative singular past passive participle stem: sthita.
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sthitamatim. "firm-minded", Name of a teacher View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prasthitamind. impersonal or used impersonally a person (instrumental case) has set out View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
susthitamanasmfn. being in a happy frame of mind, contented View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
susthitammanyamfn. fancying one's self prosperous or well off View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathāsthitamind. according to to the place View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathāsthitamind. in statu quo View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathāsthitamind. certainly, assuredly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yathopasthitamind. as come to or approached View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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yathāvakāśam ad. accord ing to space; into the proper place; accord ing to or on the first opportunity; -vakana kârin, a. acting according to orders, obedient; -vakanam, ad. according to the expression; -vat, ad. exactly as it is or should be, accord ing to usage, in due order, suitably, fitly, cor rectly, accurately;=yathâ, as (rare); -vay as, ad. according to age; of the same age; -vasám, ad. according toone's will or pleasure (V.); -½avasaram, ad. at every opportunity; -vastu, ad. in accordance with the facts, ac curately, truly; -½avastham, ad. in accord ance with the condition or circumstances; -½avasthita½artha-kathana, n. description of a matter in accordance with facts; -½âvâs am, ad. to one's respective dwelling; -vit tam, ad. in accordance with the find; in pro portion to property; -vidha, a. of what kind; -vidhânam, ad.according to prescription or rule, duly; -vidhânena, in ad. id.; -vidhi, ad. id.; in due form, suitably; according to the deserts of (g.); -viniyogam, ad. in the order stated; -vibhava, °ree;--, -m, or -tas, ad. in proportion to means or income; -vibhâg am, ad. in accordance with the share; -vi shayam, ad. according to the thing in ques tion; -vîrya, a. having what strength: -m, ad. in proportion or with regard to valour; -vritta, pp. as happened; how conducting oneself: °ree;-or -m, ad. as it happened, in ac cordance with the facts, circumstantially; according to the metre; n. previous event; ac tual facts, details of an event; -vrittânta, m.(?) experience, adventure; -vriddha, °ree;-or -m, according to age, by seniority; -vyavahâram, ad. in accordance with usage; -vyutpatti, ad. according to the degree of culture; -sakti, -saktyâ, ad. according to one's power, to the utmost of one's power, as far as possible; -½âsayam, ad. according to wish; according to the conditions or premises; -sâstra, °ree;-or -m, according to prescribed rules or the in stitutes of the law; -sîlam, ad.according to the character; -sraddhám, ad. according to inclination; -½âsramam, ad. according to the stage of religious life; -½âsrayam, ad. in re gard to the connexion; -srâddham, ad. in accordance with the funeral feast; -srutam, pp. as heard of: -m, ad. as one heard it; in accordance with knowledge; incorr. for -sruti; -sruti, ad. according to the precepts of the Veda; -samstham, ad. according to circum stances; -sakhyam, ad. in proportion to friend ship; -samkalpita, pp. as wished; -sam khyam, -samkhyena, ad. according to num ber, number for number, in such a way that the numbers of two equal series correspond numerically (the first to the first, the second to the second, etc.); -sa&ndot;gam, ad. according to need, adequately; -satyam, ad. in accord ance with truth, truthfully; -samdishtam, ad. as directed; -½âsannam, ad. as soon as come near; -samayam,ad. at the proper time; -samarthitam, ad. as has been con sidered good; -samâmnâtam, ad. as men tioned; -samîhita, pp. as desired: -m, ad. according to wish (Pr.); -samuditám, ad. as agreed; -sampad, ad. as it happens; -sam pratyayam, ad. according to agreement; -sampradâyam, ad. as handed down; -sam bandham, ad. according to the relationship; -sambhava, a. corresponding as far as pos sible: -m, ad. according to the connexion, respectively; -sambhavin, a., -sambhâvita, pp. corresponding; -sâma, ad. according to the sequence of the Sâmans; -sâram, ad. ac cording to the quality; -siddha, pp. as hap pening to be ready; -sukha,°ree;-or -m, ad. at pleasure; at ease, comfortably; pleasantly, conveniently; -sukha-mukha, a. facing any way one pleases; -sûktam, ad. hymn by hymn; -sûkshma, a. pl. according to size from the smallest onwards: -m,ad.; -½astam, ad. to one's respective home; -sthâna, n. proper place (only lc. sg. & pl.); a. being in the proper place: (á)-m, ad. to or in the proper place; -sthitam, ad. according to one's stand; as it stands, certainly, surely; -sthiti, ad. according to custom, as usual; -sthûla, °ree;-or -m, ad. in the rough, without going into detail; -smriti, ad. according to one's recollection; according to the rules of the law-books; -sva, a. one's (his, their) respective: °ree;-or -m, ad. each his own, each individually or in his own way, respectively; -svaira, °ree;-or -m, ad. at pleasure, without restraint; -½âhâra, a. eating whatever comes to hand.
hasta m. hand (ord. mg.); C.: elephant's trunk; as a measure=fore-arm or cubit (about 18 inches); handwriting (rare); abundance (--°ree; after words meaning hair); N.; V., C.: eleventh (or thirteenth) lunar asterism: --°ree; a. holding in (sts. by) the hand: -m gam, fall into the hand of (--°ree;); e kri, take into one's hand; also=gain possession of, get into one's power; marry (a girl); e nyasta, resting on her hand (face);tasya haste loka-dvayam sthitam, the two worlds are in his hand=are assured to him.
Bloomfield Vedic
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padme sthitāṃ padmavarṇām RVKh.5.87.4c.
atha yat purā cakṛma kartāsmaś ca yathopasthitam eva nas tat # Lś.3.3.10.
adhvaryubhiḥ prasthitaṃ somyaṃ madhu # RV.2.37.2c; AVś.20.67.7c.
antar brahman pratiṣṭhitam # TB.
antarbhūtaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TB.
amṛte satye pratiṣṭhitām # TB.
asati sat pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.17.1.19a.
ṛtaṃ satye pratiṣṭhitam # SMB.2.4.10a. Cf. GG.4.5.31; KhG.4.1.15, and ṛte satyaṃ.
ṛte satyaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # AG.1.5.4b. Cf. ṛtaṃ nātyeti, and ṛtaṃ satye pra-.
ejat prāṇat pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.10.8.6d.
kasminn aṅge satyam asya pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.10.7.1d.
chāgānāṃ haviḥ prasthitaṃ preṣya # śB.
tad u tasmin pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.19.53.9b; AVP.11.8.9b.
tapasi sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TA.10.63.1d; MahānU.22.1d.
tasmin sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # śB.; BṛhU.1.5.1c; TA.10.11.2d; MahānU.11.9d.
tena te mṛjma āsthitam # AVś.4.17.8c; AVP.2.26.5c.
tvayi sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TA.10.1.8b; MahānU.4.7b.
dame sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TA.10.63.1d; MahānU.22.1d.
dādhāra viṣṭhitaṃ jagat # AVś.6.17.4b.
dāne sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TA.10.63.1e; MahānU.22.1e.
dharme sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TA.10.63.1d; MahānU.22.1d.
dhruvam asi dhruvata sthitam # ApMB.1.9.6b; HG.1.22.14b.
parameṣṭhī bhavati gachati parameṣṭhitām adhipatir bhavati svānāṃ cānyeṣāṃ ca ya evaṃ veda # AVP.11.16.14.
purutrā te manutāṃ (AVś. vanvatāṃ) viṣṭhitaṃ jagat # RV.6.47.29b; AVś.6.126.1b; AVP.15.11.9b; VS.29.55b; TS.; MS.3.16.3b: 187.8; KSA.6.1b; N.9.13b. Cf. next but four.
purutrā viṣṭhitaṃ jagat # RV.10.25.6b. Cf. prec. but four.
prati vīhi prasthitaṃ somyaṃ madhu # RV.2.36.4c; AVś.20.67.5c.
prāṇe sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.11.4.15d.
bahv idam anyad viṣṭhitam # AVP.1.37.3e,5e.
bhadrayā supratiṣṭhitam # AVś.12.1.63b.
bhavyaṃ bhūte pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.17.1.19d.
mano me vāci pratiṣṭhitam # MG.1.4.4,8; VārG.8.4,7.
yac cākāśe pratiṣṭhitam # TB.
yac cāntar bhūtaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # TB.
yat ta āsthitaṃ śam u tat te astu # TB. See yat te viriṣṭaṃ.
yat te krūraṃ yad āsthitaṃ tat ta āpyāyatāṃ niṣṭyāyatāṃ tat te śudhyatu (TS.Apś. āpyāyataṃ tat ta etena śundhatām) # VS.6.15; TS.; śB.; Apś.7.18.8. P: yat te krūram Kś.6.6.6. See next two.
yat te krūraṃ yad āsthitaṃ tad etena śundhasva (Kauś. tac chundasva) # MS.1.2.16: 26.8; 3.10.1: 128.13. Ps: yat te krūraṃ yad āsthitam Kauś.44.23; yat te krūram Mś. See prec. and next.
yat te krūrataraṃ yad āsthitaṃ tat ta etena kalpatām # KS.3.6. See prec. two.
yat te viriṣṭaṃ sam u tat ta etat # AVP.2.39.4c; Vait.24.1c. See yat ta āsthitaṃ.
yad īṃ gachanty uśatīr apiṣṭhitam # RV.1.145.4d.
yad vā gṛheṣu niṣṭhitam # AVś.14.2.62b.
yasmin sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.11.4.1d.
yāvad brahma viṣṭhitaṃ tāvatī vāk # RV.10.114.8d; ā.
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sthitam although situatedSB 7.2.40
sthitam being fixedSB 1.2.19
sthitam having been placedSB 4.4.25
sthitam remainingSB 10.61.2
sthitam seatedMM 34
sthitam sittingSB 10.59.15
SB 3.28.37
sthitam situatedBG 13.17
BG 5.19
SB 10.39.44-45
SB 2.2.20
SB 3.2.31
SB 3.9.32
SB 4.13.31
SB 5.17.21
SB 9.9.46
sthitam situated in the bodyBG 15.10
sthitam situated onSB 7.4.14
sthitam standingSB 3.28.19
anāsthitam never achievedSB 4.12.26
anavasthitam not situated on the spiritual platformSB 11.20.19
aṇḍa-saṃsthitam situated within the universeCC Adi 5.77
aṇḍa-saṃsthitam situated within the universeCC Madhya 20.251
āsthitam seated on itSB 2.9.17
āsthitam situatedSB 4.6.35
āsthitam presentSB 10.66.4
āsthitam arrayedSB 10.66.15
avasthitam situatedBG 15.11
avasthitam existingSB 1.8.18
avasthitam situatedSB 2.6.40-41
avasthitam situatedSB 3.13.21
avasthitam standingSB 3.19.24
avasthitam standingSB 3.21.11
avasthitam situatedSB 3.24.46
avasthitam situatedSB 3.29.25
avasthitam remainingSB 4.2.17
avasthitam situatedSB 4.8.50
avasthitam situatedSB 4.12.11
avasthitam situatedSB 4.24.70
avasthitam situatedSB 7.8.3-4
avasthitam being situatedSB 7.9.3
avasthitam situated thereSB 8.17.19
avasthitam situated thereSB 8.23.10
avasthitam situatedSB 10.11.47
avasthitam individually stayingSB 10.12.33
avasthitam standingSB 10.43.2
avasthitam standingSB 10.51.11
avasthitam situatedSB 11.5.10
avasthitam seatedSB 11.13.36
avasthitam situatedBs 5.3
bahiḥ-sthitam externally situatedSB 4.9.2
sarva-bhūta-sthitam situated in everyone's heartBG 6.31
duravasthitam never remaining in one placeSB 10.76.22
puraḥ-sthitam standing before himSB 8.11.3
puraḥ sthitam as it is just before us allSB 10.12.19
puraḥ-sthitam situated in front of himSB 10.13.59
samavasthitam equally situatedBG 13.29
samavasthitam standing before HimSB 10.34.10
saṃsthitam situatedSB 3.10.12
saṃsthitam fixed uponSB 3.28.20
saṃsthitam to establish (without deviation)SB 8.1.16
aṇḍa-saṃsthitam situated within the universeCC Adi 5.77
aṇḍa-saṃsthitam situated within the universeCC Madhya 20.251
samupasthitam presentBG 1.28
samupasthitam arrivedBG 2.2
samupasthitam present beforeSB 2.9.19
sarva-bhūta-sthitam situated in everyone's heartBG 6.31
śici sthitam situated in the butter pot hanging on the swingSB 10.9.8
sarva-bhūta-sthitam situated in everyone's heartBG 6.31
bahiḥ-sthitam externally situatedSB 4.9.2
puraḥ-sthitam standing before himSB 8.11.3
vṛṣa-sthitam seated upon his bullSB 9.18.5
śici sthitam situated in the butter pot hanging on the swingSB 10.9.8
puraḥ sthitam as it is just before us allSB 10.12.19
puraḥ-sthitam situated in front of himSB 10.13.59
upasthitam appearanceSB 1.13.13
upasthitam situated before himSB 7.3.24
upasthitam the present situationSB 8.7.37
upasthitam arrived by chanceSB 9.21.2
vṛṣa-sthitam seated upon his bullSB 9.18.5
vyavasthitam standing in positionSB 3.19.7
vyavasthitam Kṛṣṇa was sittingSB 10.9.8
vyavasthitam situatedMM 48
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āgataḥ, āgatā, āgatam, samāyātaḥ, samāyātam, samāyātā, upasthitaḥ, upasthitā, upasthitam, prāptaḥ, prāptam, prāptā   

yaḥ samyag āyātaḥ।

gṛhe atithiḥ āgataḥ।


gambhīra, śānta, saumya, aṭala, dṛḍha, sthiradhī, sthiramati, sthiramanas, sthirātman, sthitimat, sthitamati, sthitaprajā, sthitadhī, susthira, sudhīra, prastha, dhṛtātman   

yaḥ cañcalaḥ nāsti।

saḥ prakṛtyā gambhīraḥ asti।

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