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prastuP. -stauti- (in also A1. -stavate-,with act. and pass. sense, and 1. sg. -stuṣe-), to praise before (anything else) or aloud etc. ; to sing, chant (in general, especially said of the prastotṛ-) ; to come to speak of introduce as a topic ; to undertake, commence, begin ; to place at the head or at the beginning : Causal -stāvayati-, to introduce as a topic, suggest View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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evā hi vīra stavate sadāvṛdhaḥ # RV.8.24.16c; AVś.20.64.4c; SV.1.385c; 2.1034c.
pra tad viṣṇu (AVś. viṣṇu; MS.śś. viṣṇuḥ; KS. viṣṇus) stavate vīryeṇa (AVś. vīryāṇi; TB.Apś. vīryāya) # RV.1.154.2a; AVś.7.26.2a; VS.5.20a; MS.1.2.9a: 19.12; 3.8.7: 105.14; KS.2.10a; 25.8; śB.; TB.; Aś.6.7.8; 9.9.11; Apś.11.9.1a; NṛpU.2.4a. Ps: pra tad viṣṇuḥ stavate śś.15.3.5; pra tad viṣṇuḥ MS.4.11.4: 172.9; 4.14.5: 221.4; TB.;; śś.5.7.3; Kś.8.4.16; Apś.20.4.5; Mś.; --4.4.35;;; VHDh.8.247.
yathā no mīḍhvān stavate sakhā tava # RV.2.24.1c.
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