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√स्तम्भ्stambhstopping, hindering, paralysing, benumbing / pratibandha668/2Cl.1
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droṇaḥ3.3.55MasculineSingularstambhaḥ, veśma
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stambh or stabh- (connected with skambh- q.v;in native lists written stanbh-) cl.5.9. P. () stabhn/oti-, stabhn/āti- (confer, compare ), or cl.1 A1. () st/ambhate- (pr. p. also stambhat- , stabhamāna-[ q.v ] ; perfect tense tast/ambha-, mbhat-, tastabh/uḥ-, parasmE-pada tastabhv/as-, vānd- ; tastabhān/a-, tastambhe- ; Aorist /astambhīt-; astāmpsīt- ; astabhat- grammar; future stambhitā-, bhiṣyati- ; infinitive mood stabdhum- ; ind.p. stabdhv/ā- etc.; stambhitvā- ; -st/abhya-and -stambham- ), to fix firmly, support, sustain, prop (especially the heavens) ; to support or hold up by contact with, reach up to (accusative) ; to stop, stop up, arrest, make stiff or immovable, paralyze etc. ; (A1.) to rest or lean on (locative case) ; to become stiff or immovable ; to become solid : Passive voice stabhyate- (Aorist astambhi-), to be firmly fixed or supported or propped etc. etc.: Causal stabhāy/ati-, to make firm, support ; to stop, arrest ; stambhayati-, te- (Aorist atastambhat-), to fix, establish, erect etc. ; to make stiff or rigid, paralyze ; to make solid ; to stop, arrest (also by magic) , suppress, check, restrain : Desiderative tistambhiṣati- grammar : Intensive tāstabhyate- [ confer, compare Greek , ; Lithuanian stambras,stimbras; German stampfo7n,stampfen; English stamp,stump.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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stambh स्तम्भ् 1 Ā.; 5, 9 P. (स्तम्भते, स्तभ्नोति, स्तभ्नाति, स्तम्भित or स्तब्ध; the स् of the root being changed to ष् after prepositions ending in इ or उ and also after अव) 1 To stop, hinder, arrest, suppress; कण्ठः स्तम्भितबाष्पवृत्ति- कलुषः Ś.5.4. -2 To make firm or stiff, to make immoveable. -3 To stupefy, paralyze, benumb; प्राणा दध्वंसिरे गात्रं तस्मम्भे च प्रिये हते Bk.14.55. -4 To prop support, uphold, sustain. -5 To become stiff, rigid or immoveable. -6 To be proud or elated, be stiff-necked. -7 To occupy, spread; ततः पुण्याहघोषो$भूद्दिवं स्तब्ध्वेव भारत Mb.12.38.19. (The following verse illustrates the root in its different conjugations :-- स्तम्भते पुरुषः प्रायो यौवनेन धनेन च । न स्तभ्नाति क्षितीशो$पि न स्तभ्नोति युवाप्यसौ ॥). -Caus. (स्तम्भयति-ते) 1 To stop, arrest. -2 To make firm or regid. -3 To paralyze. -4 To prop, support. -5 To suppress, check.
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stambh verb (class 9 ātmanepada) to arrest to be firmly fixed or supported or propped to become solid to become stiff or immovable to fix firmly to make stiff or immovable to paralyze to prop (esp. the heavens) to reach up to (acc.) to rest or lean on to stop to stop up to support to support or hold up by contact with to sustain
Frequency rank 2924/72933
stambh noun (masculine) [gramm.] root stambh
Frequency rank 71673/72933
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vismayāpannaḥ bhū, vismi, savismayaḥ bhū, vismayānvitaḥ bhū, stambh, kuhakuha   

vismayānukūlaḥ manovyāpāraḥ।

bhavataḥ kāryaṃ dṛṣṭvā aham vismayāpannaḥ abhavam ।

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