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sarpan. equals sapa-sāman- q.v ([ confer, compare Greek Latin serpens;See also under srip-.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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visṛt f. flowing water (RV.1); -srit vara, a. spreading, diffusing itself; -srípas, ab. inf. √ srip; -srimara, a. spreading, dif fusing itself; gliding; (ví)-srishta, pp. √ srig: -dhena, a. pouring streams of milk (RV.1); (ví)-srishti, f. discharge; creation.
sarīsṛpa a. [fr. intv. √ srip] creeping, crawling; m. (C.), n. (V.) crawling animal.
sarpis n. [gliding, melting: √ srip] clarified butter, ghee (=ghrita) either fluid or solid (sts. pl.).
sṛpta pp. √ srip; n. *place crawled to.
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tṛprā aśrīpurogavāḥ # AVP.3.37.9b.
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