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        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√स्नुस्snuseating / adana17/Cl.4
√स्नुस्snusaccepting / ādana136/3Cl.4
√स्नुस्snusdisappearing, becoming invisible / adarśana18/1Cl.4
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snus (varia lectio snas-) cl.4 P. snusyati-, to eat ; to disappear ; to take View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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snus स्नुस् 4 P. (स्नुस्यति) 1 To disappear, become invisible. -2 To take, accept.
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dūṣakaradodbhedaname of a commentary, on the Paribhasendusekhara of Nagesa, believed to have been written by Gopalacārya Karhadkar, a grammarian of the 19th century and attributed to Bhimacarya. This commentary, which was written to criticize the commentary written by Visnusastri Bhat, was again criticized in reply by Visnusastri Bhat in his Ciccandrika ( चिच्चन्द्रिका ). See विष्णुशास्त्री भट.
paribhāṣāprakāśāan independent treatise explaining the various Paribhasas in the system of Panini's grammar, written by Visnusesa of the famous SeSa family.
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bhakṣ(bhakṣati/te), bhakṣ (bhakṣayati), bhuj, khād, aś, ghas, khad, hu, carba, cham, cam (camati), vī, vevī, cam (camnoti), valbh, jakṣ, caṣ, (vi)cam, carv (carvati), carv (carvayati), kuḍ, am, (sam) añj, car, kūḍ, kruḍ, skhad, snus, (upa)yuj (upayunakti), (upa)yuj (upayuṅkte), bhrakṣ, bhlakṣ, plakṣ   

annasya gala-bilādhaḥ-saṃyogānukūla-vyāpāraḥ।

bho māṇavaka, bhakṣaya etat phalam।

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