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√स्नस्snasspitting / nirasana553/1 [See स्नुस् (1268/1]Cl.4
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snas varia lectio for snus- q.v , p.1268. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
snasāf. a tendon, muscle View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dalasnasāf. the fibre of a leaf. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vasnasāf. (see snāyu-) a tendon, nerve, fibre (described as a hollow, string-like tube, attached to the bones and supposed to serve as a passage for the vital air) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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snas स्नस् 1, 4 P. (स्नसति, स्नस्यति) 1 To inhabit. -2 To eject (as from the mouth), reject.
snasā स्नसा A tendon, muscle.
vasnasā वस्नसा A tendon, nerve.
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"snas" has 4 results.
gūḍhabhāvavṛttia commentary on Ramacandra's Prakriya Kaumudi by Krsnasesa of the famous Sesa family of grammarians. The date of this Krsnasesa is the middle of the sixteenth century. For details about Krsnasesa and the Sesa family see introduction to Prakriyakaumudi B. S. S. No. 78.
prakriyāprakāśaname of the learned commentary on the प्रक्रियाकौमुदी, called also प्रक्रियाक्रौमुदीप्रक्राश by Krsnasesa, the son of Nrsimhasesa, which is, in a way an improvement upon the commentary Prasada of Vitthalesa.
sphoṭacaṭakaa small treatise on the theory of Sphota by a sound modern scholar of Vyakarana and Nyaya, by name Krisnasastri Arade who lived in Benaras in the earlier part of the nineteenth century.
sphoṭatattvānirūpaṇaa work on the Sphota theory by the famous grammarian Krsnasesa of the Sesa family of grammarians.
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snāyuḥ, snasā, peśī, śirā, māṃsapeśī, māṃsaśirā, māṃsarajju, vasnasā, vahīruḥ, sandhibandhanam, granthibandhanam   

śarīrasthā māṃsasya granthiḥ yena avayavānāṃ sañcalanaṃ bhavati।

ūtibhyaḥ peśī jāyate।

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