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saṃskṛ(see saṃ-kṛ-; upa-s-kṛ-and pari--kṛ-) P. A1. -skaroti-, -skurute- (imperfect tense sam-askurvata- ; perfect tense saṃ-caskāra- ; Aorist sam-askṛta-; preceding saṃ-skriyāt-, saṃ-skṛṣīṣṭa-;fut saṃ-skariṣyati- ; infinitive mood saṃ-skaritum- ; ind.p. saṃ-skṛtya- ), to put together, form well, join together, compose etc. ; (A1.) to accumulate (pāpāni-,"to add evil to evil") ; to prepare, make ready, dress, cook (food) etc. ; to form or arrange according to sacred precept, consecrate, hallow (in various ways; see saṃ-skāra-) etc. ; to adorn, embellish, refine, elaborate, make perfect, (especially) form language according to strict rules (see saṃ-skṛta-) ; to correct (astronomically) : Passive voice saṃ-skriyate-, to be put together or arranged or prepared or consecrated or refined etc.: Causal saṃskārayati-, to cause to (be) put together etc. ; to cause to be consecrated : Desiderative saṃ-ciṣkīrṣati- : Intensive saṃ-ceṣkrīyate- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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