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sidhya: masculine vocative singular stem: sidhya
sidhya: Gerund (-ya)sidh
sidhya: second person singular present imperative class 4 parasmaipadasidh
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puṣyaḥMasculineSingularsidhya, tiṣyaḥphysails feloxuosa
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sidhyam. "auspicious", Name of the asterism puṣya-
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sidhya सिध्यः The asterism Puṣya; सिध्यतारामिव ख्यातां शबरी- मापतुर्वने Bk.6.59.
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sidhyanti are generatedSB 8.5.33
sidhyanti are very successfulSB 8.6.24
sidhyanti become perfectSB 11.23.25
sidhyanti become successfulSB 8.24.60
sidhyanti maintain their existenceSB 10.24.23
sidhyasi you will become the most perfectSB 6.16.64
sidhyati becomes fulfilledCC Madhya 20.106
CC Madhya 24.170
sidhyati becomes perfectSB 4.12.49-50
sidhyati cause the manifestation of each otherSB 11.22.31
sidhyati someone is perfectSB 6.14.4
prasidhyati is establishedSB 11.24.16
prasidhyati advances or becomes successfulNoI 3
saṃsidhyati one becomes spiritually perfectSB 11.18.25
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sidhya noun (masculine) name of the asterism Puṣya (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 40883/72933
sidhyati noun (masculine) [gramm.] the root sidh
Frequency rank 70589/72933

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