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sevayati: third person singular present causative present class parasmaipadasīv
sevayati: neuter locative singular causative stem: sevayat.
sevayati: masculine locative singular causative stem: sevayat.
2 results for sevayati
sev cl.1 A1. () sevate- (rarely ti-; perfect tense siṣeve-, va- etc.; future sevitā- grammar; seviṣyate- , ti- ; Aorist asiṣevat-, aseviṣṭa- grammar; infinitive mood sevitum- etc.; ind.p. sevitvā-, -sevya- ), to dwell or stay near or in (locative case) ; to remain or stay at, live in, frequent, haunt, inhabit, resort to (accusative) etc. ; to serve, wait or attend upon, honour, obey, worship ; to cherish, foster (a child) ; to present with (instrumental case) ; to enjoy sexually, have sexual intercourse with (accusative) etc. ; to refresh by soft breezes, fan (said of the wind) ; to devote or apply one's self to, cultivate, study, practise, use, employ, perform, do etc. ; to exist or be found in anything (accusative) : Passive voice sevyate-, to be followed or served etc. : Causal sevayati- (Aorist asiṣevat-), to attend upon, serve, honour ; to tend, cherish (plants) : Desiderative of Causal See sisevayiṣu-: Desiderative siseviṣate-, ti- grammar : Intensive seṣevyate- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
siv cl.4 P. () s/īvyati- (Ved. also te-; perfect tense siṣeva- grammar; Aorist asevīt- ; future sevitā-, seviṣyati- ; ind.p. syūtva-or sevitvā- ; -s/īvya- ), to sew, sew on, darn, stitch, stitch together, (figuratively) join, unite etc. etc.: Causal sīvayati- () or sevayati- (Aorist asīṣivat- grammar), to sew, stitch: Desiderative siseviṣati- or susyūṣati- grammar : Intensive seṣīvyate- ([ confer, compare Greek = ; Latin sueresutor; Slavonic or Slavonian s8iti; Gothic siujan; Anglo-Saxon seo4wian; English sew.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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