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sat: masculine nominative singular stem: sad
sat: neuter nominative singular stem: sad
sat: feminine nominative singular stem: sad
sat: neuter accusative singular stem: sad
sat: neuter accusative singular stem: sat.
sat: neuter nominative singular stem: sat.
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sat3.3.90MasculineSingularsādaraḥ, arcitaḥ
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satmf(sat/ī-)n. (pr. p. of1. as-) being, existing, occurring, happening, being present (sato me-,"when I was present";often connected with other participles or with an adverb exempli gratia, 'for example' nāmni kṛte sati-,"when the name has been given"; tathā sati-,"if it be so";also in the beginning of a compound,where sometimes ="possessed of"see sat-kalpavṛkṣa-) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satmf(sat/ī-)n. abiding in (locative case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satmf(sat/ī-)n. belonging to (genitive case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satmf(sat/ī-)n. living View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satmf(sat/ī-)n. lasting, enduring etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satmf(sat/ī-)n. real, actual, as any one or anything ought to be, true, good, right (tan na sat-,"that is not right"), beautiful, wise, venerable, honest (often in compound See below) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satm. a being, (plural) beings, creatures etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satm. a good or wise man, a sage View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satm. good or honest or wise or respectable people etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satn. that which really is, entity or existence, essence, the true being or really existent (in the vedānta-,"the self-existent or Universal Spirit, brahma-") etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satm. that which is good or real or true, good, advantage, reality, truth View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satm. water View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satm. (in gram.) the terminations of the present participle View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satind. (confer, compare sat-kṛ-etc.) well, right, fitly. [ confer, compare Greek , for ; Latin sensinabsens,pra-sens;sons,"guilty", originally "the real doer"; Lithuanian sa1s,e4sas; Slavonic or Slavonian sy,sas8ta.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sat सत् a. (-ती f.) 1 Being, existing, existent; सन्तः स्वतः प्रकाशन्ते गुणा न परतो नृणाम् Bv.1.12; सत्कल्पवृक्षे वने Ś.7.12. -2 Real, essential, true; Bṛi. Up.2.3.1. -3 Good, virtuous, chaste; सती सती योगविसृष्टदेहा Ku.1. 21; Ś.5.17. -4 Noble, worthy, high; as in सत्कुलम्. -5 Right, proper. -6 Best, excellent. -7 Venerable, respectable. -8 Wise, learned. -9 Handsome, beautiful. -1 Firm, steady. -m. A good or virtuous man, a sage; आदानं हि विसर्गाय सतां वारिमुचामिव R.4.86; अविरतं परकार्यकृतां सतां मधुरिमातिशयेन वचो$मृतम् Bv.1.113; Bh.2. 78; R.1.1. -n. 1 That which really exists, entity, existence, essence. -2 The really existent truth, reality. -3 Good; as in सदसत् q. v. -4 Brahman or the Supreme Spirit. -5 Ved. Water. -6 The primary cause (कारण); य ईक्षिता$हं रहितो$प्यसत्सतोः Bhāg.1.38.11. -7 (In gram.) The termination of the present participle. (सत्कृ means 1 to respect, treat with respect, receive hospitably. -2 to honour, worship, adore. -3 to adorn.) -Comp. -अञ्जनम् (सदञ्जनम्) calx of brass. -अर्थः (सदर्थः) a matter in question. -असत् (सदसत्) a. 1 existent and non-existent, being and not being. -2 real and unreal. -3 true and false. -4 good and bad, right and wrong. -5 virtuous and wicked. (-n. du.) 1 entity and non-entity. -2 good and evil, right and wrong. ˚विवेकः discrimination between good and evil, or truth and falsehood. ˚व्यक्तिहेतुः the cause of discrimination between the good and bad; तं सन्तः श्रोतुमर्हन्ति सदसद्व्यक्तिहेतवः R.1.1. -आचारः (सदाचारः) 1 good manners, virtuous of moral conduct. -2 approved usage, traditionary observances, immemorial custom; यस्मिन् देशे य आचारः पारंपर्यक्रमागतः । वर्णानां सान्तरालानां स सदाचार उच्यते ॥ Ms.2.18. -आत्मन् a. (सदात्मन्) virtuous, good. -आनन (सदानन) a. fair-faced. -उत्तरम् (सदुत्तरम्) a proper or good reply. -करणम् funeral obsequies. -कर्तृ m. an epithet of Viṣṇu. -कर्मन् n. 1 a virtuous or pious act. -2 virtue, piety. -3 funeral obsequies. -4 expiation. -5 hospitality. -काण्डः a hawk, kite. -कारः 1 a kind or hospitable treatment, hospitable reception; सत्कारमानपूजार्थं तपो दम्भेन चैव यत् । क्रियते तदिह प्रोक्तं राजसं चलमध्रुवम् ॥ Bg.17.18. -2 reverence, respect. -3 care, attention. -4 a meal. -5 a festival, religious observance. -कार्यम् (in Sāṁkhya phil.) the necessary existence of an effect. ˚वाद the doctrine of the actual existence of an effect (in its cause). -कुल a good or noble family. -कुलीन a. nobly born, of noble descent. -कृत a. 1 done well or properly. -2 hospitably received or treated. -3 revered, respected, honoured. -4 worshipped. adored. -5 entertained. -6 welcomed. (-तः) an epithet of Śiva. (-तम्) 1 hospitality. -2 respect. -3 virtue, piety. -कृतिः f. 1 treating with respect, hospitality, hospitable reception. -2 virtue, morality. -क्रिया 1 virtue, goodness; शकुन्तला मूर्तिमती च सत्क्रिया Ś.5.15. -2 charity, good or virtuous action. -3 hospitality, hospitable reception; सत्क्रियाविशेषात् Ś.7. -4 courtesy, salutation. -5 any purificatory ceremony. -6 funeral ceremonies, obsequies. -7 Celebration, decoration; यावदादिशति पार्थिवस्तयोर्निर्गमाय पुरमार्गसत्क्रियाम् R.11.3. -गतिः f. (-सद्गतिः) 1 a good or happy state, felicity, beatitude. -2 The way of good men. -गुण a. (सद्गुण) possessed of good qualities, virtuous, (-णः) virtue, excellence, goodness, good quality. -घनः (सद्घनः) holy existence. -2 nothing but existence. -चरित, -चरित्र a. (सच्चरित-त्र) well conducted, honest, virtuous, righteous; सूनुः सच्चरितः Bh.2.25. (-n.) 1 good of virtuous conduct. -2 history or account of the good; Ś.1. -चारा (सच्चारा) turmeric. -चिद् (सच्चिद्) the Supreme Spirit. ˚अंशः a portion of existence and thought. ˚आत्मन् m. the soul consisting of entity and thought. ˚आनन्दः 1 'existence or entity, knowledge and joy'; an epithet of the Supreme Spirit or Brahman. -2 of Viṣṇu. -जन a. (सज्जन) good, virtuous, respectable. (-नः) a good or virtuous man. ˚गर्हित despised by the virtuous; पुक्कस्यां जायते पापः सदा सज्जनगर्हितः Ms.1. 38. -धर्मः (सद्धर्मः) true justice. -पतिः Ved. 1 a lord of good persons or heroes. -2 N. of Indra. -पत्रम् the new leaf of a water-lily. -पथः 1 a good road. -2 the right path of duty, correct or virtuous conduct. -3 an orthodox doctrine. -परिग्रहः acceptance (of gifts) from a proper person. -पशुः a victim fit for a sacrifice, a good sacrificial victim. -पात्रम् a worthy or virtuous person. ˚वर्षः bestowing favours on worthy recipients, judicious liberality. ˚वर्षिन् a. having judicious liberality. -पुत्रः 1 a good or virtuous son. -2 a son who performs all the prescribed rites in honour of his ancestors. -a. one who has a son; यद्यपि स्यात्तु सत्पुत्रो$प्यसत्पुत्रो$पि वा भवेत् Ms.9.154. -प्रतिपक्षः (in logic) one of the five kinds of hetvābhāsas or fallacious hetus, a counterbalanced hetu, one along which there exists another equal hetu on the opposite side; यत्र साध्याभावसाधकं हेत्वन्तरं स सत्प्रति- पक्षः; e. g. 'sound is eternal because it is audible'; and also 'sound is non-eternal, because it is a product'; नाप्रामाण्यं मतानां स्यात् केषां सत्प्रतिपक्षवत् N.17.19. -प्रमुदिता (in Sāṁkhya phil.) N. of one of the 8 perfections. -भाग्यम् (सद्भाग्यम्) 1 good fortune. -2 Felicity. -फलः the pomegranate tree. -भावः (सद्भावः) 1 existence, being, entity; सद्भावे साधुभावे च सदित्येतत् प्रयुज्यते Bg.17.26. -2 actual existence, reality. -3 good disposition or nature, amiability. -4 quality of goodness. -5 obtainment (प्राप्ति); देहस्यान्यस्य सद्भावे प्रसादं कर्तुमर्हसि Rām.7.56.9. -मातुरः (सन्मातुरः) the son of a virtuous mother. -मात्रः (सन्मात्रः) 'consisting of mere entity', the soul. -मानः (सन्मानः) esteem of the good. -मित्रम् (सन्मित्रम्) a good or faithful friend. -युवतिः f. (सद्युवतिः) a virtuous maiden. -वंश (सद्वंश) a. of high birth. -वचस् n. (सद्वचस्) an agreeable or pleasing speech. -वस्तु n. (सद्वस्तु) 1 a good thing. -2 a good plot or story; प्रणयिषु वा दाक्षिण्यादथवा सद्वस्तुपुरुषबहुमानात् । शृणुत मनोभिरवहितैः क्रियामिमां कालिदासस्य ॥ V.1.2. -वादिता (सद्वादिता) true counsel; सद्वादितेवाभिनिविष्टबुद्धौ Ki.17.11. -विद्य (सद्विद्य) welleducated, having good learning. -वृत्त a. (सद्वृत्त) 1 wellbehaved, well conducted, virtuous, upright. -2 perfectly circular, well-rounded; सद्वृत्तः स्तनमण्डलस्तव कथं प्राणै- र्मम क्रीडति Gīt.3 (where both senses are intended). (-त्तम्) 1 good or virtuous conduct. -2 an agreeable or amiable disposition. -शील (सच्छील) a. 1 good tempered. -2 benevolent, kindly disposed (towards others). -संसर्गः, -संनिधानम्, -संगः, -संगतिः, -समागमः company or society of the good, association with the good; तथा सत्संनिधानेन मूर्खो याति प्रवीणताम् H.1; सत्संगजानि निधनान्यपि तारयन्ति U.2.11; सत्संगतिः कथय किं न करोति पुंसाम् Bh.2.23. -संप्रदायः good tradition. -संप्रयोगः right application. -सहाय a. having virtuous friends. (-यः) a good companion. -सार a. having good sap or essence. (-रः) 1 a kind of tree. -2 a poet. -3 a painter. -हेतुः (सद्धेतुः) a faultless or valid hetu or middle term.
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sat sat, n. the existent, x. 129, 1 [pr. pt. of as be].
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sat s-át ] pr. pt. √ as (-&isharp;) existing, existent, present; being anywhere (lc.); belonging to (g.); enduring, lasting (world); being (with attributes, ads. and often added to a pp., sts. to a pr. pt.); actual, real, genuine; right; good, virtuous: vibhave sati, when there is money, supposing he has the means; vinâse nâse vâ sati, whether loss or death occur; nâmni krite sati, the ceremony of naming having been performed; tathâ sati, it being so, this being the case; °ree;--=sa-, possessed of etc.; m. pl. living beings (RV.); good, virtuous or educated men, sages (often °ree;--; C.); n. the really existent, entity, real world (V., C.); good, advantage (V., C.); terminations of the present participle (gr.): -kri, (C.) put in order, prepare; garnish, adorn; honour, receive or treat hospitably; pay the last honours to (ac.) by cremation etc. (E.); hold in honour (E.): pp. adorned with (--°ree;); honoured, treated hospitably.
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97 results
sat again the father or grandfather has comeSB 5.14.17
sat against saintly personsSB 11.30.37
sat always existingSB 7.15.57
sat as realSB 10.87.26
sat auspiciousCC Adi 13.19
sat becomingSB 11.3.38
sat by authorities on religionSB 4.11.8
sat by exalted personalitiesSB 5.3.4-5
sat by great saintsSB 10.60.42
sat causeBG 13.13
SB 2.6.33
sat comprising eternal existenceBs 5.1
sat effectSB 3.11.1
SB 3.15.6
sat eternalBG 17.23
SB 2.5.6
SB 4.24.61
sat eternal existenceCC Adi 2.107
CC Madhya 20.154
CC Madhya 21.35
CC Madhya 8.137
SB 10.88.10
sat excellentSB 10.25.29
SB 10.49.5-6
SB 10.75.18
sat existingSB 5.12.10
SB 5.12.4
sat fineSB 10.31.2
SB 10.73.28
sat goodSB 3.27.3
SB 3.28.5
sat gross matterSB 10.87.24
sat legitimateSB 1.13.30
sat manifestSB 3.33.2
sat manifestationSB 8.3.22-24
sat manifestedSB 6.8.31
sat manifested or phenomenalSB 2.7.50
sat objects that existSB 11.28.34
sat of permanent perfectionMM 34
sat of pure devoteesSB 10.40.28
sat of pure saintsSB 10.86.59
sat of realitySB 8.3.14
sat of saintly devoteesSB 10.51.53
SB 10.77.32
sat of saintly personsSB 10.74.25
SB 10.84.21
SB 10.85.51
sat of the absolute realitySB 12.9.6
sat of the devotees of the LordSB 11.11.25
sat of the devotees or the piousSB 2.4.13
sat of the saintlySB 10.51.53
sat of those who are piousSB 10.51.41
sat perfectSB 10.84.20
sat permanentSB 10.87.36
sat pureNBS 69
SB 10.46.39
SB 11.23.45
sat pure spiritual existenceSB 10.84.19
sat realSB 10.14.15
SB 10.14.22
SB 10.87.26
SB 12.9.28-29
sat respectableSB 3.1.14
sat resultSB 2.6.42
sat resultantSB 2.1.24
sat rightSB 5.12.2
sat sanctifiedSB 10.80.32
sat spiritBG 9.19
sat spiritualSB 10.69.41
sat substantialityBs 5.32
sat the causeSB 1.2.30
sat the effectCC Adi 1.53
CC Madhya 24.76
CC Madhya 25.113
SB 2.9.33
sat the one eternalSB 11.19.16
sat the saintlySB 10.70.27
sat the SupremeBG 17.26-27
sat the SupremeBG 17.26-27
sat the truthSB 10.87.34
sat the word satBG 17.26-27
sat to material substanceSB 10.87.1
sat to the faithful devoteesSB 10.14.20
sat to the great sagesSB 3.15.37
sat to the virtuousSB 3.17.31
sat to Your devoteesCC Adi 3.111
sat transcendentalSB 10.80.2
SB 10.85.59
SB 10.86.58
SB 11.6.9
SB 3.25.8
sat TRUESB 10.60.55
SB 10.80.41
SB 11.29.48
sat underlying substanceSB 10.56.27
sat which existsSB 11.3.35
sat which is existing, as the effectSB 8.12.8
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sat noun (masculine) affix SAT (SatR, ŚānaC 3.2.127)
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śiṣṭa, bhadra, madra, ācāravat, vinīta, sabhya, śiṣṭācārasevin, agrāmya, āryavṛtta, suvṛtta, yaśasya, sabheya, anīca, arhat, ādṛtya, ārya, āryamiśra, āryaka, ārṣeya, uḍḍāmara, kulya, guru, mānya, sat, sajjana, sādhu, sujana, praśrayin, praśrita, sudakṣiṇa   

yaḥ sādhuvyavahāraṃ karoti।

rāmaḥ śiṣṭaḥ puruṣaḥ asti।


sat, sādhu, puṇyavat, sāttvika, satyapara, satyarata, satyavṛtta, sadharma, śuddhakarman, śucicarit, viśuddha, śīlin, sthitimat, prāñjala, praguṇa, sarala, ajihma, aśaṭha, āli, udāra, ṛjūyu, nirvyāja, niścakrika, niṣkaitava, niṣprapañca, niśaṭha, rajiṣṭha, vaktṛ, ślakṣṇa, supratīka   

akapaṭī satśīlaḥ।

santaḥ sadā pūjārhāḥ santi।


jalam, vāri, ambu, ambhaḥ, payaḥ, salilam, sarilam, udakam, udam, jaḍam, payas, toyam, pānīyam, āpaḥ, nīram, vāḥ, pāthas, kīlālam, annam, apaḥ, puṣkaram, arṇaḥ, peyam, salam, saṃvaram, śaṃvaram, saṃmbam, saṃvatsaram, saṃvavaraḥ, kṣīram, pāyam, kṣaram, kamalam, komalam, pīvā, amṛtam, jīvanam, jīvanīyam, bhuvanam, vanam, kabandham, kapandham, nāram, abhrapuṣpam, ghṛtam, kaṃ, pīppalam, kuśam, viṣam, kāṇḍam, savaram, saram, kṛpīṭam, candrorasam, sadanam, karvuram, vyoma, sambaḥ, saraḥ, irā, vājam, tāmarasa, kambalam, syandanam, sambalam, jalapītham, ṛtam, ūrjam, komalam, somam, andham, sarvatomukham, meghapuṣpam, ghanarasaḥ, vahnimārakaḥ, dahanārātiḥ, nīcagam, kulīnasam, kṛtsnam, kṛpīṭam, pāvanam, śaralakam, tṛṣāham, kṣodaḥ, kṣadmaḥ, nabhaḥ, madhuḥ, purīṣam, akṣaram, akṣitam, amba, aravindāni, sarṇīkam, sarpiḥ, ahiḥ, sahaḥ, sukṣema, sukham, surā, āyudhāni, āvayāḥ, induḥ, īm, ṛtasyayoniḥ, ojaḥ, kaśaḥ, komalam, komalam, kṣatram, kṣapaḥ, gabhīram, gambhanam, gahanam, janma, jalāṣam, jāmi, tugryā, tūyam, tṛptiḥ, tejaḥ, sadma, srotaḥ, svaḥ, svadhā, svargāḥ, svṛtikam, haviḥ, hema, dharuṇam, dhvasmanvatu, nāma, pavitram, pāthaḥ, akṣaram, pūrṇam, satīnam, sat, satyam, śavaḥ, śukram, śubham, śambaram, vūsam, vṛvūkam, vyomaḥ, bhaviṣyat, vapuḥ, varvuram, varhiḥ, bhūtam, bheṣajam, mahaḥ, mahat, mahaḥ, mahat, yaśaḥ, yahaḥ, yāduḥ, yoniḥ, rayiḥ, rasaḥ, rahasaḥ, retam   

sindhuhimavarṣādiṣu prāptaḥ dravarupo padārthaḥ yaḥ pāna-khāna-secanādyartham upayujyate।

jalaṃ jīvanasya ādhāram। /ajīrṇe jalam auṣadhaṃ jīrṇe balapradam। āhārakāle āyurjanakaṃ bhuktānnopari rātrau na peyam।


vāstavikam, vāstavikaḥ, vāstavikī, vāstavaḥ, vāstavī, vāstavam, tathyaḥ, tathyam, tathyā, yathārthaḥ, yathārtham, yathārthā, san, sat, satī, satyaḥ, satyam, satyā, prakṛtaḥ, prakṛtā, prakṛtam, akalpitaḥ, akalpitam, akalpitā   

yad yathārthabhūtam asti tad।

śaśaśṛṅgaṃ na vāstavikaḥ padārthaḥ asti।

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