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prasṛP. -sisarti-, (only Vedic or Veda) and sarati- (sometimes also A1. te-), to move forwards, advance ("for"or"against" accusative), proceed (literally and figuratively), spring up, come forth, issue from (ablative), appear, rise, spread, extend etc. ; to break out (as fire, a disease etc.) (varia lectio) ; to be displaced (as the humours of the boy) ; to be diffused (as odour) ; to pass. elapse (as night) ; to commence, begin (also Passive voice exempli gratia, 'for example' prāsāri yājñah-,"the sacrifice began") ; to prevail, hold good, take place ; to stretch out (hands) ; to agree, promise : Causal -sārayati-, to stretch out, extend etc. ; to spread out, expose (wares etc. for sale) etc. ; to open wide (eyes, mouth, etc.), ; to diffuse, circulate, exhibit ; to prosecute, transact ; (in gram.) to change a semivowel into the corresponding vowel : Intensive (-sasre-, rāte-, rāṇa-) to extend, be protracted, last View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃśṝP. -śṛyāti-, to smash to pieces, crush : Passive voice -śīryate- (Aorist -śāri-; perfect tense -śaśre-), to be crushed, break down ; to be dissipated or routed, fly in different directions : Desiderative See saṃ-śiśariṣu-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śrā or śrai- (see śrī-) cl.1. or cl.4. P. () śrāyati- (according to to also cl.2 P. śrāti-; perfect tense śaśrau-; Aorist aśrāsīt-; preceding śrāyāt-or śreyāt- infinitive mood śrātum- grammar), to cook, boil, seethe, mature, ripen (only in ; according to to also "to sweat"): Passive voice śrāyate- (Aorist aśrāyi-) grammar : Causal śrap/ayati-, te- (Aorist aśiśrapat-; Passive voice śrapy/ate-), to cause to cook or boil, roast, bake etc. ; to make hot, heat, bake (earthenware) ; to cause to sweat ([for śrāpaya-See ]) : Desiderative śiśrāsati- grammar : Intensive śāśrāyati-, śāśrāti-, śāśreti-
visṛP. -sarati-, -sisarti- (Ved. and Epic also A1. perf. vi-sasre- ), to run or flow through ; to spread out in various directions, extend (intr.) ; (A1.) to open or unfold one's self (with tanvām-) ; to be separated, part from (instrumental case) ; to go forth in various directions, disperse ; to come forth, issue from (ablative or -tas-) ; to rush upon (accusative) : Causal -sārayati-, to send forth ; to stretch forth, extend View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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