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śṝ cl.9 P. () śṛṇ/āti- (pr. p. A1. śṛṇān/a- ; imperative śṛṇa- ; perfect tense śaśāra-,2. sg. śaśaritha-,3. plural śaśaruḥ-,or śaśruḥ- grammar; śaśr/e- ; Aorist, aśarīt-, aśarait- ; aśārīt- grammar; preceding śīryāt- ; future śarī-, śarīṣyati- ; śariṣyate- ; infinitive mood śarītum- grammar; ś/arītos- ; śaritos- ; ind.p. -ś/īrya- ), to crush, rend, break (A1.with reference to self, as "to break one's own arm") ; to kill (game) : Passive voice śīryate- (mc. also ti-; Aorist aśāri-, śāri-), to be crushed or broken or rent or shattered etc. ; to fall out or off etc. ; to be worn out, decay, wither, fade etc.: Causal śārayati- (Aorist aśīśarat-) grammar : Desiderative śiśarīṣati-, śiśīrṣati- : Intensive śeśīryate-, śāśarti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sṛ (confer, compare sal-) cl.1.3. P. () s/arati- (Epic also te-and according to to also dhāvati-), and s/isarti- (the latter base only in veda-;3. dual number s/isratuḥ-,3. plural s/israte- ; parasmE-pada s/israt-[ q.v ] ; perfect tense sas/āra-, sasr/e- etc.;1. dual number sasriva- ; parasmE-pada sasṛv/as-, sasrāṇ/a-and sasṛmāṇ/a- ; Aorist asārṣīt- grammar; subjunctive sarṣat- ; preceding sriyāt- grammar; future sartā- ; sariṣy/ati- etc.; infinitive mood sartum- etc.; s/artave-, tav/ai- ; ind.p. sṛtv/ā- ; -s/ṛtya-, -s/āram- etc.), to run, flow, speed, glide, move, go (with uccakais-,"to spring up";with v/ājam-,or ājim-,"to run a race" id est"exert one's self") Calcutta edition etc. ; to blow (as wind) ; to run away, escape ; to run after, pursue (accusative) ; to go towards, betake one's self to (accusative or tatra-etc.) ; to go against, attack, assail ; to cross, traverse (accusative) ; (A1.) to begin to flow (said of the fluid which surrounds the fetus) : Passive voice sriyate- (Aorist asāri- ), to be gone etc., grammar : Causal sārayati- or cl.10 P. () to cause to run ; to set in motion, strike (a lute) ; to remove, push aside (a braid of hair) ; put in array, to arrange (with dyūtam-,"the men on a chess-board") ; to make visible, show, manifest ; to nourish, foster (genitive case) ; A1. sārayate- (for sar/ayate-See saraya-,), to cause one's self to be driven, drive (in a carriage) : pass. sāryate-, to be made to flow, discharge (excrement) : Desiderative sisīrṣati-, to wish to run (vājam-,"a race") : Intensive (confer, compare sarisrar/a-) s/arsṛte- (parasmE-pada s/arsrāṇa-See pra-sṛ-) or sarīṣarti-, to stride backwards and forwards ; to blow violently (as the wind) [ confer, compare Greek ,;, ; Latin salire.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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