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sarvamukhamfn. facing in every direction ( sarvamukhatva -tva- n.), Scholiast or Commentator View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvamukhatvan. sarvamukha
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sarvamukhasthānathe whole orifice of the mouth as a place of utterance, as for example for the vowel अ: confer, compare सर्वमुखस्थानमवर्णमक इच्छन्ति I M.Bh. on P. I. 1.9 Vart. 2.
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sarvatomukha, sarvamukha   

yasya mukhaṃ caturṣu dikṣu vartate।

aśokasya stambhe nirmitā siṃhasya mūrtiḥ sarvatomukhī asti।

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