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sarvamf(ā-)n. (perhaps connected with sāra- q.v;inflected as a pronoun except Nominal verb accusative sg. n. sarvam-,and serving as a model for a series of pronominals see sarva-nāman-) whole, entire, all, every ("every one"; plural"all"; n. sg."everything";sometimes strengthened by viśva-[which if alone in appears in the meaning "all","every","every one"] and nikhila-; sarve'pi-,"all together"; sarvaḥ ko'pi-,"every one so ever"; gavāṃ sarvam-,"all that comes from cows"; sarva-with a negation = "not any","no","none"or"not every one","not everything") etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvamf(ā-)n. of all sorts, manifold, various, different etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvamf(ā-)n. (with another adjective or in compound; see below) altogether, wholly, completely, in all parts, everywhere etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvam. (declined like a substantive) Name of śiva- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvam. of kṛṣṇa- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvam. of a muni- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvam. plural Name of a people View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarvan. water [ confer, compare Greek for Latin salvus.]
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sarva सर्व Pron. a. [सृतमनेन विश्वमिति सर्वम् Uṇ.1.151] (nom. pl. सर्वे m.) 1 All, every; उपर्युपरि पश्यन्तः सर्व एव दरिद्रति H.2.2; रिक्तः सर्वो भवति हि लघुः पूर्णता गौरवाय Me. 2. -2 Whole, entire, complete. -र्वः 1 N. of Viṣṇu. -2 of Śiva. -र्वम् Water. -Comp. -अङ्गम् 1 the whole body. -2 all the Vedāṅgas. (-ङ्गः or ˚रूपः) N. of Śiva. -अङ्गीण a. pervading or thrilling through the whole body; सर्वाङ्गीणः स्पर्शः सुतस्य किल V.5.11. -अधिकारिन् -m., -अध्यक्षः a general superintendent. -अनुक्रमणिका, -क्रमणी a general index. -अनुदात्त a. entirely accentless. -अन्नीन a. eating every kind of fodd; so सर्वान्न- भोजिन् &c. -अपरत्वम् final emancipation. -अभावः nonexistence or failure of all; इतरेषां तु वर्णानां सर्वाभावे हरेन्नृपः Ms.9.189. -अभिसन्धिक a. deceiving every one; Ms.4.195. -अभिसन्धिन् m. 1 a traducer, calumniator. -2 a religious hypocrite. -अभिसारः a complete army (of elephants, chariots, cavalry, and infantry). -अर्थचिन्तकः a general overseer, chief officer. -अर्थ- साधिका N. of Durgā. -अर्थसिद्धः the great Buddha or Śākyamuni. -अवसरः midnight. -अशिन् a. eating all sorts of food; Ms.2.118. -अस्तिवादः the doctrine that all things are real. -आकार (in comp.) entirely, thoroughly, completely; सर्वाकारहृदयंगमायास्तस्याः Māl.1.7; 1.14. -आत्मन् m. 1 the whole soul; (सर्वात्मना entirely, completely, thoroughly.). -2 N. of Śiva. -आधारः a receptacle of everything. -आशयः, -आश्रयः N. of Śiva. -ईशः, -ईश्वरः 1 the Supreme Being. -2 a paramount lord. -उत्तम a. best of all, excellent, supremely good. -ऋतुपरिवर्तः a year; L. D. B. -ओघः = सर्वाभिसार above. -करः, -कर्मन् m. N. of Śiva. -कर्तृ m. 1 N. of Brahman. -2 the Supreme Being. -कर्मीण a. performing everything. -कामः, कामदः, कामवरः N. of Śiva. -कामिक a. 1 fulfilling all wishes. -2 obtaining all one's desires. -काम्य a. 1 loved by all. -2 having everything one can desire. -कालीन a. for all time, perpetual. -केशिन् m. an actor. -क्षारः impure carbonate of soda or potash. -क्षित् a. abiding in all things. -ग a. all-pervading, omnipresent. (-गः) 1 Śiva. -2 the Supreme Being. -3 Brahman. -4 the spirit, soul. (-गम्) water. -गा the plant called प्रियङ्गु. -गामिन्, -गति a. all-pervading, omnipresent. -गतिः the refuge of all. -ग्रन्थिः, -ग्रन्थिकम् the root of long pepper. -चारिन् m. N. of Śiva. -जनीन a. 1 world-wide, famous. -2 relating to every one. -3 salutary to every one. -जित् a. 1 excellent, incomparable. -2 all-conquering, invincible. -m. 1 death. -2 the 21st संवत्सर. -जीवः the soul of all. -ज्ञ, -विद् a. all-knowing, omniscient. (-m.) 1 an epithet of Śiva. -2 of Buddha. -3 the Supreme Being. -ज्ञा N. of Durgā. -ज्ञातृ a. omniscient. -तन्त्रः one who has studied all the Tantras. ˚सिद्धान्तः a doctrine admitted by all the schools. -तापनः the god of love. -दः N. of Śiva. -दम, -दमन a. all-subduing, irresistible. (-m.) N. of Bharata, son of Duṣyanta; इहायं सत्त्वानां प्रसभदमनात् सर्व- दमनः Ś.7.33. -दर्शनसंग्रहः a compendium of all the schools or systems of philosophy by Mādhavāchārya. -दर्शिन् a. all-seeing. -m. 1 a Buddha. -2 the Supreme Being. -दुःखक्षयः final emancipation from all existence. -दृश् a. all-seeing. f. (pl.) all organs of senses. -देवमय a. comprising all the gods. (-यः) N. of Śiva. -देवमुखः an epithet of Agni. -द्रष्टृ a. all-seeing. -धनम् (in arith.) the total of a sum in progression. -धन्विन् m. the god of love. -धारिन् m. N. of Śiva. -धुरीणः A beast carrying all burdens; a draught ox. -नामन् n. a class of pronominal words. ˚स्थानम् N. for the nom. (all numbers) and acc. sing. and dual of masculine and feminine nouns and nom. and add. pl. of neuter nouns; cf. सुट् also. -निक्षेपा a particular method of counting. -निराकृति a. causing to forget everything. -पारशव a. made entirely of iron. -पार्षदम् a text book received by all grammatical schools. -पूर्णत्वम् complete preparation. -प्रथमम् ind. first of all. -प्रद a. all-bestowing. -प्रिय a. popular, liked by all. -बलम् a particular high number. -भक्षः fire. -भक्षा a female goat. -भवारणिः the cause of all welfare. -भावः allbeing or nature; (सर्वभावेन 'with all one's heart, sincerely, heart and soul'). -भावकरः, -भावनः N. of Śiva. -भृत् a. all-supporting. -मङ्गला an epithet of Pārvatī. -मांसाद a. eating every kind of flesh; मत्स्यादः सर्वमांसादस्तस्मान्मत्स्यान् विवर्जयेत् Ms.5.15. -मुख a. facing in every direction. -मूल्यम् A cowrie. -मूषकः 'all-stealing', time. -मेधः a universal sacrifice; राजसूयाश्वमेधौ च सर्वमेधं च भारत Mb.14.3.8. -योगिन् m. N. of Śiva. -योनिः the source of all. -रसः 1 the resinous exudation of the Sāla tree, resin. -2 salt, saltness. -3 a kind of musical instrument. -4 a learned man. ˚उत्तमः salt. -लालसः N. of Śiva. -लिङ्गिन् m. 1 an impostor. -2 a heretic. -लोकः the universe. -लोहः an iron arrow. -वर्णिन् a. of various kinds; खादिरान् बिल्वसमितांस्तावतः सर्ववर्णिनः Mb.14.88. 27 (com. वर्णिनः पलाशकाष्ठमयाः). -वल्लभा an unchaste woman. -वासः, -वासिन् m., -विख्यातः, -विग्रहः N. of Śiva. -विक्रयिन् a. selling all kinds of things; Ms.2. 118. -वेदः a man who has studied the four Vedas. -वेदस् m. one who performs a sacrifice by giving away all his wealth; Ms.11.1. (-सम्) all one's property; उशन् ह वै वाजश्रवसः सर्ववेदसं ददौ Kath.1.1; चतुर्थे चायुषः शेषे वानप्रस्थाश्रमं त्यजेत् । सद्यस्कारां निरूप्येष्टिं सर्ववेदसदक्षिणाम् ॥ Mb.12.244.23. -वेशिन् m. an actor. -व्यापिन् a. all-pervading. -शक् a. omnipotent, allpowerful. -शान्तिकृत् m. N. of Śakuntalā's son, Bharata. -संस्थ a. 1 Omnipresent. -2 all destroying. -सखः a sage; शान्तो यथैक उत सर्वसखैश्चरामि Bhāg.1. 85.45. -संगतः a kind of quick-growing rice. -a. 1 appropriate in every respect. -2 met with universally. -संग्रहः a general or universal collection. -संनहनम्, -संनाहः assembling of a complete army, a complete armament; see -अभिसारः. -समता equality towards everything; स सर्वसमतामेत्य ब्रह्माभ्येति परं पदम् Ms. 12.125. -समाहर a. all-destroying. -संपन्न a. provided with everything. -संपातः all that remains. -सरः a kind of ulcer in the mouth. -सह a. all-forbearing, very patient; स त्वं जगत्त्राणखलप्रहाणये निरूपितः सर्वसहो गदाभृता Bhāg.9.5.9. (-हः) bdellium. (-हा, also सर्वसहा) the earth. -साक्षिन् a. all-witnessing. (-m.) 1 N. of the Supreme Being. -2 N. of wind. -3 of Agni. -साधनः Śiva. -साधारण, -सामान्य a. common to all. -सिद्धिः f. universal success. (-m.) the Bilva tree. -स्वम् 1 everything, the whole of one's possessions; as in सर्वस्वदण्डः, सर्वस्वहरणम् 'confiscation of the whole property'. -2 the very essence, the all-in-all of anything; सर्वस्वं तदहो महाकविगिरां कामस्य चाम्भोरुह Subhāṣ.; see Ś.1.24;6.1; Māl.8.6; Bv.1.63. -स्वारः Vedic sacrifice (एकाह) in which the sacrificer commits suicide (usually a man suffering from some incurable desease with little hope of life); अननन्द निरीक्ष्यायं पुरे तत्रात्मघातिनम् । सर्वस्वारस्य यज्वानमेनं दृष्ट्वाथ विव्यथे । N.17.22. -हर a. 1 appropriating everything. -2 inheriting a person's whole property. -3 all-destroying (as death); मृत्युः सर्वहरश्चाहम् Bg.1.34. -हरणम्, -हारः confiscating of one's entire property; सर्वहारं हरेन्नृपः Ms.8.399. -हितम् black pepper.
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sarva sárva, a. all, vii. 103, 5; x. 14, 16; 90, 2; 129, 3 [Gk. ὅλο-ς = ὅλ-ϝο-ς, Lat. salvu-s ‘whole’].
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sarva a. entire, whole; all, every (visva is used for this mg. in RV.); C.: every kind of, all manner of; with another a.=altogether, wholly (V.; in C. °ree;--); m. sg. every one: pl. all; n. sg. everything;sarvah ko &zip; pi, every body soever; sarve &zip; pi, all together; w. na, C.: not every, not all; not any, no, nothing; m. ep. of Krishna.
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sarva to allSB 10.41.47
sarva with allSB 11.20.27-28
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sarva noun (masculine) name of a Muni [<- Dhanuṣa <- Satyadhṛti <- Puṇyavant] (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of a people (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of Kṛṣṇa (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of Śiva (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
[gramm.] the word 'sarva'
Frequency rank 7144/72933
sarva noun (neuter) water (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 30827/72933
sarva pronoun all (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
completely (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
different (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
entire (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
every (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
manifold (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
of all sorts (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
various (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
whole (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 10/72933
Ayurvedic Medical
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general, each, every.

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samasta, sama, sarva, viśva, aśeṣa, kṛtasra, nikhila, akhila, niḥśeṣa, samag, sakala, pūrṇa, akhaṇḍa, anūnaka, ananta, anyūna   

sarvaṃ yāvat vartate tāvat।

rāmeṇa samastāni caturdaśavarṣāṇi kānane vyatītāni।

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