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sarpata: second person plural present imperative class 1 parasmaipadasṛp
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sarpatanuf. a species of Solanum (bṛhatī-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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oṃ sarpata śś.7.14.9. See sarpata.
apeta vīta vi ca sarpatātaḥ # RV.10.14.9a; AVś.18.1.55a; VS.12.45a; TS.; MS.2.7.11a: 89.2; 3.2.3: 18.1; KS.16.11a; 20.1; śB.; TB.; TA.1.27.5a; 6.6.1a; AG.4.2.10. Ps: apeta vīta śś.4.14.7; Vait.28.24; Kś.17.1.3; Apś.5.9.1; 16.14.1; Mś.; apeta TS. (bis); Kauś.80.42.
emām anu sarpata # MS.4.2.5a: 26.17. See tāv imā upa.
tāv imā upa sarpataḥ # SV.2.1005c; JB.2.145d. See emām anu.
trāhi māṃ viṣasarpataḥ # RVKh.1.191.10d.
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sarpatanu noun (feminine) a species of Solanum (bṛhatī) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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