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saptan sg. and plural (Nominal verb accusative sapt/a-; instrumental case t/abhis-; dative case ablative t/abhyas-; genitive case tān/ām- locative case t/asu-) seven (a favourite number with the Hindus, and regarded as sacred, often used to express an indefinite plurality [in the same manner as "three" , by which it is sometimes multiplied];hence 7 mātṛ-s, 7 streams, 7 oceans, 7 cities[ ] , 7 divisions of the world, 7 ranges of mountains, 7 ṛṣi-s, 7 vipra-s[ ] , 7 āditya-s, 7 dānava-s, 7 horses of the Sun, 7 flames of fire, 7 yoni-s of fire, 7 steps round the fire at marriage, 7 samidh-s, 7 tones, 7 sacrificial rites, 7 maryādā-s, thrice 7 padāni- or mystical steps to heaven[ ], thrice 7 cows etc.) [ confer, compare Zendhapta; Greek ; Latin septem; Lithuanian septyni1; Slavonic or Slavonian sedmi8; Gothic sibun; German sieben; English seven.]
saptanāḍīcankran. an astrological diagram, supposed to foretell rain (it consists of 7 serpentine lines marked with the names of the nakṣatra-s and planets) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanāḍikan. (with cakra-) equals next View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanalīf. bird-lime View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanāmāf. Polanisia Icosandra View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanāman(t/a--) mfn. having 7 names View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanavatamfn. the 97th View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanavatamfn. chapter of View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanavatif. 97 View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanavatitamamfn. the 97th, chapter of View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saptanidhanan. Name of a sāman- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dvisaptanmfn. plural 2x7, 14 View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sārdhasaptann. seven and a half. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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saptan सप्तन् num. a. (always pl.; सप्त nom. and acc.) Seven. -Comp. -अंशुः N. of Agni. -अंशुपुङ्गवः the planet Saturn. -अङ्ग a. see सप्तप्रकृति below. -अर्चिस् a. 1 having seven tongues or flames. -2 evil-eyed, of inauspicious look. (-m.) 1 N. of fire. -2 of Saturn. -3 the Chitraka plant. -अशीतिः f. eighty-seven. -अश्रम् a heptagon. -अश्वः the sun; नप्ता सप्ताश्वसंनिभः Śiva B. 25.45. ˚वाहनः the sun. -अस्र a. septangular. -अहः seven days, i. e. a week. -आत्मन् m. an epithet of Brahman. -ऋषि (सप्तर्षि) m. pl. 1 the seven sages; i. e. मरीचि, अत्रि, अङ्गिरस्, पुलस्त्य, पुलह, क्रतु, and वसिष्ठ. -2 the constellation called Ursa Major (the seven stars of which are said to be the seven sages mentioned above). -कोण a. septangular. -गङ्गम् ind. in the place of the seven streams of the Ganges. -गुण a. seven-fold. -चत्वारिंशत् f. forty-seven. -च्छदः N. of a tree (Mar. सातवीण); गजाश्च सप्तच्छद- दानगन्धिनः Karṇabhāra 1.11. -जिह्वः, -ज्वालः fire. (the seven tongues are काली, कराली, मनोजवा, सुलोहिता, सुधूम्रवर्णा, उग्रा and प्रदीप्ता). -तन्तुः a sacrifice; सप्ततन्तु- मधिगन्तुमिच्छतः Śi.14.6; पुनः प्रवर्तयिष्यामि सप्ततन्त्वादिकाः क्रियाः Śiva B.5.56; विधये सप्ततन्तूनाम् ibid.18.23. cf. note on N.11.1. -त्रिंशत् f. thirty-seven. -दशन् a. seventeen. ˚अरत्निन्यायः A rule of interpretation according to which an expression, if it is found to be inapplicable to the matter or thing with reference to which it is used, should be taken as being connected with or applying to a part or subsidiary thereof. This mode of construing an expression (in its literal sense) is preferable to लक्षणा. This rule is discussed and established by जैमिनि and शबर in the सूत्र 'आनर्थक्यात् तदङ्गेषु' MS.3.1.18 and भाष्या thereon. -दाधितिः N. of fire. -द्वारावकीर्ण a. dominated or affected by the seven gates (5 organs, mind and intellect); सप्तद्वाराकीर्णां च न वाचमनृतां वदेत् Ms.6.48 (see Kull.). -द्वीपा an epithet of the earth; पुरा सप्तद्वीपां जयति वसुधामप्रतिरथः Ś.7.33. -धातु m. pl. the seven constituent elements of the body; i. e. chyle, blood, flesh, fat, bone, marrow, and semen; (रसास्रमांस- मेदो$स्थिमज्जानः शुक्रसंयुताः). -नली birdlime. -नवतिः f. ninetyseven. -नाडीचक्रम् a kind of astrological diagram used as a means of foretelling rain. -पदी the seven steps at a marriage (the bride and bridegroom walk together seven steps, after which the marriage becomes irrevocable). -पर्णः (so सप्तच्छदः, सप्तपत्रः) N. of a tree. (-र्णी) the sensitive plant. -पातालम् the seven regions of the earth (i. e. अतल, वितल, सुतल, महातल, रसातल, तलातल and पाताल). -प्रकृतिः f. pl. the seven constituent parts of a kingdom; स्वाम्यमात्यसुहृत्कोशराष्ट्र- दुर्गबलानि च Ak.; see प्रकृति also. -भद्रः the Śirīsa tree. -भूमिक, -भौम a. seven stories high (as a palace). -मन्त्रः fire. -मातृ f. collective N. of seven mothers (i. e. ब्राह्मी, माहेश्वरी, कौमारी, वैष्णवी, वाराही, इन्द्राणी, and चामुण्डा). -मुष्टिकः a particular mixture used as a remedy for fever. -रक्तः one who has got the seven parts of the body red; (पाणिपादतले रक्ते नेत्रान्तरनखानि च । तालुकाधर- जिह्वाश्च प्रशस्ता सप्तरक्तता ॥). -रात्रम् a period of seven nights. -रुचिः fire; सप्तरुचेरिव स्फुलिङ्गाः Śi.2.53. -लोकाः the seven worlds (i. e. भूर्, भुवर्, स्वर्, महर्, जनस्, तपस्, and सत्यम्). -विंशतिः f. twentyseven. -विध a. seven-fold, of seven sorts. -शतम् 1 7. -2 17. (-ती) an aggregate or collection of 7 verses or stanzas. -शलाकः a kind of astronomical diagram used for indicating auspicious days for marriages. -शिरा betel. -सप्तिः an epithet of the sun; सर्वैरुस्रैः समग्रैस्त्वमिव नृपगुणैर्दीप्यते सप्तसप्तिः M.2.12; Ś.6.29; Ki.5.34. -स्वरः the seven musical notes (i. e. सा, रि, ग, म, प, ध, नी).
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saptan a. pl. (nm. ac. saptá) seven (also used to express an indefinite plurality).
saptanalī f. bird-lime.
saptanavata a. ninety-seventh; -pattra, a. seven-leaved; yoked with seven horses; m. a tree (Alstonia scholaris; = -kkhada); (á)-pad, a. (-î) taking seven steps (with which an alliance or marriage is con cluded); concluded, confirmed; (á)-pada, a. taking seven steps (with which an alliance or marriage is concluded); consisting of seven Pâdas: î, f. seven steps: -karana, n. ratification of a marriage by the seven steps taken by the bride; -parna, m. (seven leaved) a tree (Alstonia scholaris = -kkhada); -palâsa, a. consisting of seven leaves; -bha&ndot; g&ibrevcirc;-naya, m. method of the seven formulas beginning with &open;perhaps&close; (syât) in the scep tical dialectics of the Jains; -bhûmika, a. id.
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teṣāṃ saptānāṃ mayi rantir astu (Aś. mayi puṣṭir astu; TA.Apś. -nām iha rantir astu; Mś. -nām iha puṣṭir astu) AVś.3.10.6d; AVP.1.105.2d; TA.3.11.12c (bis); Aś.2.2.17d; Apś.6.5.7d; Mś.; SMB.2.2.14d; HG.2.17.2d.
yat saptānnāni medhayā śB.,2a; BṛhU.1.5.1a,2a.
eko aśvo vahati saptanāmā # RV.1.164.2b; AVś.9.9.2b; 13.3.18b; TA.3.11.9b; N.4.27b.
tejo 'janīdriyam ajani vīryam ajani brahmājani kṣatram ajani saptānāṃ paśūnāṃ yantājani saptānī diśāṃ dhartājani jāto 'jani janitājani jānitrir ajani # JB.3.367.
trir ā sāptāni sunvate # RV.1.20.7b; AB.5.21.12.
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saptan adjective 7
Frequency rank 146/72933
saptanavati noun (feminine) 97 (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 68815/72933
saptanavatitama adjective the 97th
Frequency rank 30703/72933
dvisaptan adjective 2x7 (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 35946/72933
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saptādhikaṃ navatiḥ abhidheyā।

vidyut vibhāgena saptanavateḥ gṛhāṇāṃ vidyut cheditā।



navateḥ saptānāṃ ca yogena prāptā saṃkhyā।

saptanavatiḥ pañcanavateḥ dvābhyāmeva adhikā asti।


saptanavatitama, saptanavata   

gaṇanāyāṃ saptanavateḥ sthāne vartamānaḥ।

parāmarśaṃ svīkartum āgataḥ saptanavatitamaḥ bālaḥ luptaḥ।


arkakāntā, ādityakāntā, ādityatejas, ādityaparṇikā, ādityaparṇinī, bhāskareṣṭā, ravīṣṭā, varadā, saptanāmā, satyanāman, sutejā, surasambhavā, sūryāvartā, suvarcalā, sūryalatā, ādityaparṇin, saura, sauri, mārtaṇḍavallabhā   

ekaḥ kṣupaḥ ।

arkakāntāyāḥ ullekhaḥ kośe vartate

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