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saprathastamamfn. (superl.) very extensive or large View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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apaśyaṃ saprathastamam RV.1.18.9b.
juṣasva saprathastamam RV.1.75.1a; MS.3.10.1a: 130.6; 4.13.5: 204.7; KS.16.21a; AB.2.12.3a; KB.28.2; TB.; Aś.3.4.1; śś.5.18.1; 6.4.1; 10.12.15; 14.56.12; 15.1.25; Mś.
bhavā naḥ saprathastamaḥ (VS. adds sakhā vṛdhe) # VS.12.114c; TS.; TA.3.17.1c; Apś.14.29.1c. See next but one.
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