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samucchid(-ud-chid-) P. A1. -chinatti-, -chintte-, to cut up or off completely, tear up, uproot, exterminate, destroy utterly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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samucchid समुच्छिद् 7 P. To destroy completely, cut up, exterminate, eradicate.
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samucchid verb (class 7 parasmaipada) to cut up or off completely to destroy utterly to exterminate to tear up to uproot
Frequency rank 14522/72933
asamucchidya indeclinable not having destroyed
Frequency rank 45792/72933
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kṛt, chid, nikṛt, niṣkṛt, parikṛt, vikṛt, vinikṛt, paricchid, saṃchid, paricchid, lū, vraśc, cho, viccho, do, vido, dā, vidā, chuṭ, chur, takṣ, vitakṣ, parivas, parivraśc, paryavacchid, paryavado, pracchid, pralū, pravraśc, vas, vibhaj, vimath, vihṛ, vyapahṛ, samucchid, samutkṛt, samuparuj, sampracchid   

tīkṣṇaiḥ sādhanaiḥ kartanapūrvakaḥ vibhajanānukūlaḥ vyāpāraḥ।

saḥ kṣupān kartayati।

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