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samarhCaus. -arhayati-, to show honour, pay respect to View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samarhaṇan. respect, reverence, a respectful gift (accusative with upa-hṛ-, ni-dhā-and Causal of pra-vṛt-,"to show honour"or"offer a gift of honour") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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samarhaṇam समर्हणम् Eulogy, eulogistic mention; द्यावापृथिव्यो- रन्तराले समर्हणात् MS.5.3.4.
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samarhaṇa auspicious offeringsSB 10.75.8
samarhaṇāḥ appropriate tokens of honorSB 10.82.27
samarhaṇaiḥ by pādya, arghya and other such items for worshiping the LordSB 8.21.6-7
samarhaṇaiḥ with abundant offeringsSB 10.53.32
samarhaṇaiḥ with elaborate paraphernalia of worshipSB 10.57.25
samarhaṇam befitting respectSB 8.22.14
samarhaṇam items of worshipSB 10.80.20-22
samarhaṇam method of worshipSB 7.8.9
samarhaṇam the respectful offeringSB 10.38.17
samarhayām āsa worshipedSB 10.85.37
samarhayām āsa worshipedSB 10.85.37
samarhayat fully worshipedSB 10.74.26
samarhayat he honored themSB 10.53.35
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