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samadhigamP. -gacchati-, to go towards together, come quite near, approach ; to acquire. obtain etc. ; to go completely over, surpass ; to go over, study, read View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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samadhigam समधिगम् 1 P. 1 To approach. -2 To study, यथा यथा हि पुरुषः शास्त्रं समधिगच्छति Ms.4.2. -3 To get, acquire; यत्ते समधिगच्छन्ति यस्यैते तस्य तद्धनम् Ms.8.416. -4 To excel, surpass.
samadhigamaḥ समधिगमः Thorough understanding; कल्पितविषयो नाञ्जसा$व्युत्पन्नलोकसमधिगमः Bhāg.5.13.26.
samadhigamanam समधिगमनम् Surpassing, overcoming.
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samadhigama m. understand ing; -gamya, fp. to be understood; -sri-tya, gd. having advanced.
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samadhigamaḥ the complete understandingSB 5.13.26
samadhigamya fully acceptingSB 10.15.43
samadhigamya obtainingSB 11.6.16
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samadhigam verb (class 1 parasmaipada) to acquire to approach to come quite near to go completely over to go over to go towards together to read to study to surpass
Frequency rank 10222/72933
samadhigama noun (masculine)
Frequency rank 68895/72933
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