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sakhi: neuter nominative singular stem: sakhi
sakhi: neuter accusative singular stem: sakhi
sakhi: feminine vocative singular stem: sakhi
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sakhim. (strong cases Nominal verb s/akhā- plural s/akhāyaḥ-; accusative sg. s/akhāyam-; genitive case ablative s/akhyus-;other cases regularly from sakhi-) a friend, assistant, companion etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sakhim. the husband of the wife's sister, brother-in-law View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sakhi सखि m. [सह समानं ख्यायते नि˚ Uṇ.4.136] (nom. सखा, सखायौ, सखायः; acc. सखायम्, सखायौ, सख्युः gen sing.; सख्यौ loc. sing.) A friend, companion, an associate; तस्मात् सखा त्वमसि यन्मम तत्तवैव U.5.1; सखीनिव प्रीतियुजो$नुजीविनः Ki. 1.1. (At the end of comp. सखि is changed to सख; वनितासखानाम् Ku.1.1; सचिवसखः R.4.87;1.48;12.9; Bk.1.1.)
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sakhi sákh-i, m. friend, ii. 35, 12; vii. 86, 4; viii. 48, 42. 10; x. 34, 2. 5; 168, 3.
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sakhi m. (nm. â) companion, asso ciate, comrade, friend (sts. referring to a f., esp.=î °ree;--, metr.).
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sakhi ‘Friend,’ is common from the Rigveda onwards, both literally and metaphorically.
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sakhi noun (masculine) companion friend
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