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sadyate: third person singular passive system present class sad
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prasadP. -sīdati- (Epic also A1. te-), to fall into the power of (accusative) ; to settle down, grow clear and bright, become placid or tranquil (as the sea or sky, met. applied to the mind) etc. ; to become clear or distinct ; to become satisfied or pleased or glad, be gracious or kind (with genitive case"to favour";with infinitive mood"to deign to"; imperative often "be so gracious, please") etc. ; to be successful (as an action) : Causal -sādayati- (mc. also te-; Passive voice -sādyate-), to make clear, purify ; to make serene, gladden (the heart) ; to render calm, soothe, appease, propitiate, ask a person (accusative) to or for (infinitive mood dative case locative case, arthe-with genitive case,or artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śad cl.1.6. A1. () śīyate- (confer, compare ; non-conjugational tenses, ; perfect tense śaśada-, śeduḥ- ; future śatsyati- ; Aorist aśadat- grammar; future śattā- ; infinitive mood śattum- ), to fall, fall off or out : Causal śādayati-, to impel, drive on (cattle) ; śāt/ayati-, te- (confer, compare ) , to cause to fall off or out or asunder, hew or cut off, knock out etc. ; to fell, throw down, slay, kill ; to disperse, dispel, remove, destroy : Desiderative śiśatsati- grammar : Intensive śāśadyate-, śāśatti- [ confer, compare, according to to some, Latin cedo.]
sādh (connected with2. sidh-) cl.1 P. A1. s/ādati-, te- ; according to to , cl.4. sādhyati-, cl.5. sādhnoti- (in also sadhnoti-; perfect tense sasādha-; Aorist asātsīt-; future sāddhā-, sātsyati-; infinitive mood sāddhum-,in later language sādhitum-;Ved. infinitive mood s/adhase- q.v), to go straight to any goal or aim, attain an object, to be successful, succeed, prosper ; to bring straight to an object or end, further, promote, advance, accomplish, complete, finish ; to submit or agree to, obey ; (sādhyati-) to be completed or accomplished : Causal sādhayati- (mc. also te-; Aorist asīṣadhat-;Ved. also sīṣadhati-, dhaḥ-, dhema-, dhātu-; Passive voice sādhyate- etc.), to straighten, make straight (a path) ; to guide straight or well, direct or bring to a goal ; to master, subdue, overpower, conquer, win, win over etc. ; to summon, conjure up (a god or spirit) ; (in law) to enforce payment, recover (a debt), collect (taxes) etc. ; to subdue a disease, set right, heal, cure ; to bring to an end or conclusion, complete, make perfect, bring about, accomplish, effect, fulfil, execute, practice (with vākyam-,"to execute any one's [ genitive case ] order";with naiṣkarmyam-,"to practise inactivity";with marum-,"to practise abstinence";with mantram-,"to practise the recitation of spells") etc. ; to attain one's object, be successful ; to produce, make, render (two accusative) ; to establish a truth, substantiate, prove, demonstrate ; to make ready, prepare ; to gain, obtain, acquire, procure etc. ; to find out (by calculation), ; to grant, bestow, yield etc. ; to put or place in (locative case) ; to set out, proceed, go (in dramatic language according to to = gam-) etc.: Desiderative of Causal siṣādhayisati- or sisādhayirhati-, to desire to establish or prove : Desiderative siṣātsati- grammar : Intensive , sāsādhyate-, sāsdidhi-
saṃsādh Causal -sādhayati-, to cause to be completely finished, accomplish, perform (with marum-[ quod vide ]"to practice abstinence from drinking") etc. ; to overpower, subdue ; to prepare food ; to procure, provide ; to get, attain ; to be successful ; to enforce (payment or the fulfilment of a promise), recover (a debt) ; to dismiss (a guest) ; to promote to (dative case) ; to destroy, kill, extinguish : Passive voice of Causal -sādhyate-, to be completely accomplished ; to be thoroughly provided or furnished with View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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