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sabardughamf(ā-)n. yielding milk or nectar View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sabardugha a. yielding milk readily (cow, RV.).
Bloomfield Vedic
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ā tv adya (SV. ā3dya) sabardugham # RV.8.1.10a; SV.1.295a.
ā sakhāyaḥ sabardughām # RV.6.48.11a.
takṣan dhenuṃ sabardughām # RV.1.20.3c.
tubhyaṃ dhenuḥ sabardughā # RV.1.134.4d.
dhīnām antaḥ sabardughaḥ # RV.9.12.7b. See dhenām.
dhenām antaḥ sabardughām # SV.2.552b. See dhīnām etc.
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