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avarudhP. (Aorist -rudhat-) to obstruct, enclose, contain , (infinitive mood -roddhum-) to check, keep back, restrain , to expel ; -ruṇaddhi-, to seclude, put aside, remove ; to shut in, (Aorist A1. avāruddha-and Passive voice avārodh-) ; to keep anything (accusative,as one's grief) locked up (in one's bosom accusative) ; (ind.p. -rudhya-) to keep one's self (ātmānam-) wrapped up in one's self (ātmani-) ; (imperfect tense avāruṇat-) to confine within, besiege : A1. -rundhe- (for nddhe- ; imperfect tense avārundha- ; ind.p. -r/udhya- ; Ved. infinitive mood -r/udham- and -rudham- ) chiefly Ved. to reach, obtain, gain: P. (parasmE-pada f. -rundhatī-; see anurudh-) to be attached to, like : Desid.A. -rurutsate-, Vedic or Veda to wish to obtain or gain etc.: Intens.P. (subjunctive 2. sg. -rorudhas-) to expel from (the dominion) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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