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rupitaSee -rupita-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ārupitamfn. equals ā-ropita- ([ ?]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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rūpaya den. P. give form to, represent; act on the stage, represent in panto mime, notify by a gesture: pp. rûpita, represented. ni, represent in pantomime, notify by gesture; perceive; ascertain; find out; look into, observe carefully, consider, ponder; examine, investigate, discuss; determine, settle; choose, appoint, as (2 ac.), to (d., lc., inf.); discharge (an arrow): gd. nirûpya, often incorr. for nir-upya (√ vap).pra, explain. vi, disfigure: pp. virûpita, deformed.
sunanda m. N.: â, f. N.; -nandana, m. N.; -naya, m. wise conduct; -nayana, a. fair-eyed; -naya-sâlin, a. possessed of wisdom; -nasa, a. having a beautiful nose; -nâsa, a. id.: -½akshi-bhruva, a.having a beautiful nose, beautiful eyes, and brows; -nikrishta, pp. very low or base; -nikhilam, ad. completely; -nigraha, a. easy to con trol or subdue; -nitambinî, a. f. having beautiful buttocks; -nidra, a. sleeping well; -ninada, a. having a beautiful sound; -ni bhritam, ad. very secretly; -nirûpita, pp. well-inspected, well-considered; -nirgata, pp. having emerged well from (ab.); -nirmala, a. perfectly clean; -nirvrita, pp. perfectly unconcerned; -niskaya, m. firm resolve; a. absolutely certain about sthg.; -niskita, pp. firmly resolved; certain: -m, ad. with ab solute certainty, most assuredly; -niskita pura, n. N. of a town; -nihita, pp. well established; -nîta, pp. well led; well execut ed; n. wise conduct; (sú)-nîti (or í), f. good guidance (V.); wise conduct (C.); a. guiding well (V.); -nîthá, a. giving good guidance, guiding well (RV.); m. N. (V., C.); -nîhâra, a.very misty; -nripa, m. good king.
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agre rupa ārupitaṃ jabāru # RV.4.5.7d; N.6.17.
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ārupitaiḥ in terms of illusions imposed on realitySB 10.87.25
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cintita, sucintita, sañcintita, saṃcintita, parāmṛṣṭa, samīkṣita, ālocita, nirupita, vicārita, sunirupita, pratīkṣita, nirīkṣita, vigaṇita, mata, smṛta   

yasya samīkṣā kṛtā vartate।

ayaṃ viṣayaḥ asmābhiḥ cintitaḥ asti atra punarvicārasya āvaśyakatā nāsti।

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