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ru cl.2 P. (; confer, compare ) rauti- or ravīti- (Vedic or Veda also ruv/ati-and ravoti-, te-; parasmE-pada r/uvat-, ravat-, ravamāṇa-, ravāṇa-; perfect tense rurāva- ; ruruvire- ; Aorist /arāvīt- ; preceding rūyāt- grammar; future ravitā-or rotā- ; raviṣyati- ; infinitive mood ravitum- , rotum- ), to roar, bellow, howl, yelp, cry aloud etc. ; to make any noise or sound, sing (as birds) , hum (as bees) etc. ; (rauti-) to praise : Causal rāvayati- (Aorist arūruvat-with the sense of the Intensive ;or arīravat- ), to cause to bellow or roar, cause an uproar etc. : Desiderative of Causal rirāvayiṣati- grammar : Desiderative rurūṣati- : Intensive (Ved.) r/oravīti- (parasmE-pada r/oruvat-and r/oruvāṇa-) or (Epic) rorūyate-, ti- or (grammar) roroti-. to bellow or roar etc. loudly, scream aloud, vociferate. [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin raucus; Anglo-Saxon ry7n.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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