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prasūtam3.1.62MasculineSingularbhūyaḥ, puru, bahulam, pracuram, sphiram, puruham, adabhram, bhūri, bhūyiṣṭham, bahu, prājyam
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puruha mfn. much, many View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
puruhanmanm. Name of a man (author of ) with the patronymic āṅgirasa- () or vaikhānasa- () View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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puruhanman Is the name of a Rsi in a hymn of the Rigveda, an Angirasa, according to the Rigvedic Anukramam (Index), but according to the Pañcavimśa Brāhmana a Vaikhānasa.
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indraṃ taṃ śumbha puruhanmann avase # RV.8.70.2a; AVś.20.92.17a; 105.5a; SV.2.284a; JB.3.75a.
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paurāṇikaḥ ṛṣiḥ।

puruhanaḥ varṇanaṃ ṛgvede prāpyate।

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