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puroḍāśam: masculine accusative singular stem: puroḍāś
       Bloomfield Vedic
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puroḍāśam āhutaṃ māmahasva naḥ RV.3.52.6b.
puroḍāśam indra kṛṣveha cārum RV.3.52.5b.
puroḍāśam iha kave juṣasva RV.3.28.4b.
     Vedabase Search  
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puroḍāśam the oblation called puroḍāśaSB 4.7.17
puroḍāśam the paraphernalia of sacrificeSB 4.13.35
puroḍāśam the sacred rice cake (offered to the demigods)SB 10.74.33-34

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