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punarind. back, home, in an opposite direction etc. etc. (with1. gam-, -,to go back or away;with -,to give back, restore;with bhū-,to turn round;with as-and dative case,to fall back upon) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
punarind. again, once more (also with bhūyas-) (with bhū-,to exist again, be renewed, become a wife again, re-marry) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
punarind. again and again, repeatedly (mostly p/unaḥ p-which with na-= nevermore) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
punarind. further, moreover, besides (also punar aparam-; ādau-punar-paścāt-,at first-then-later) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
punarind. however, still, nevertheless (at the end of a verse it lays stress on a preceding atha vā-, api vā-,or -alone; punar api-,even again, on the other hand, also; kadā p-,at any time, ever; kim p-,how much more or less? however; punar-punar-,now-now;at one time - at another time). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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punar पुनर् ind. 1 Again, once more, anew; न पुनरेवं प्रवर्ति- तव्यम् Ś.6; किमप्ययं बटुः पुनर्विवक्षुः स्फुरितोत्तराधरः Ku.5.83; so पुर्नभू 'to become a wife again.' -2 Back, in an opposite direction (mostly with verbs); पुनर्दा 'to give back, restore'; पुनर्या -इ-गम् &c. 'to go back, return' &c. -3 On the other hand, on the contrary, but, however, nevertheless, still (with an adversative force); प्रसाद इव मूर्तस्ते स्पर्शः स्नेहार्द्रशीतलः । अद्याप्यानन्दयति मां त्वं पुनः क्वासि नन्दिनि U.3.14; मम पुनः सर्वमेव तन्नास्ति U.3. -4 Further, furthermore, besides; पुनः पुनः 'again and again,' 'repeatedly', 'frequently'; पुनः पुनः सुतनिषिद्धचापलम् R.3.42; किं पुनः 'how much more', or 'how much less'; see under किम्. पुनरपि again, once more, and also; on the other hand. -Comp. -अन्वयः returning; किंवा गतो$स्य पुनरन्वयमन्यलोकम् Bhāg.6.14.57. -अपगमः going away again. -अर्थिता a repeated request. -आगत a. come back, returned; गोव्रजात् पुनरागतम् Ms.11.195. -आगमः, -मनम् coming back, return; भस्मीभूतस्य देहस्य पुनरागमनं कुतः Sarva. S.; इष्टकामप्रसिद्ध्यर्थं पुनरागमनाय च Pūja Mantram. -आधानम्, -आधेयम् renewing the consecrated fire; पुनर्दारक्रियां कुर्यात् पुनराधानमेव च Ms.5.168. -आवर्तः 1 return. -2 repeated birth. -आवर्तिन् a. returning to mundane existence; आ ब्रह्मभुवनाल्लोकाः पुनरावर्तिनो$र्जुन Bg.8.16. -आवृत् f. -आवृत्तिः f. 1 repetition. -2 return to worldly existence repetition of birth; करोति पुनरावृत्तिस्तेषामिह न विद्यते Y.3.194. -3 revision, another edition (of a book &c.). -उक्त a. 1 said again, repeated, reiterated. -2 superfluous, unnecessary; शशंस वाचा पुनरुक्तयेव R.2.68; Śi.7.64. (-क्तम्), पुनरुक्तता 1 repetition. -2 superfluity, redundancy, uselessness, tautology; V.5.15; व्यापारैः पुनरुक्त- भुक्तविषयैरेवंविधेनामुना संसारेण कदर्थिताः Bh.3.78. ˚जन्मन् m. a Brāhmaṇa (द्विजन्मन्). पुनरुक्तवदाभासः seeming tautology, appearance of repetition, regarded as a figure of speech; e. g. भुजंगकुण्डलीव्यक्तशशिशुभ्रांशुशीतगुः । जगन्त्यपि सदापायादव्याच्चेतोहरः शिवः S. D.632; (here the first impression of the tautology is removed when the passage is rightly understood; cf. also K. P.9 under पुनरुक्तवदाभास). -उक्तिः f. 1 repetition. -2 superfluity, uselessness, tautology. -उत्थानम् rising again, resurrection. -उत्पत्ति f. 1 reproduction. -2 return of birth, metempsychosis. -उत्पादनम् reproduction. -उपगमः return; क्वायोध्यायाः पुनरुपगमो दण्डकायां वने वः U.2.13. -उपोढा, -ऊढा a woman married again. -क्रीया f. repetition, doing again; न च कृतस्य क्रमानुग्रहार्थं पुनःक्रिया न्याय्या । ŚB. on MS.12.1.16. -गमनम् return, going again. -जन्मन् n. repeated birth, metempsychosis; मामुपेत्य तु कौन्तेय पुनर्जन्म न विद्यते Bg.8.16. -जात a. born again. -डीनम् a particular manner of flying; Mb.8.41.28. -णवः, -नवः 'growing again and again', a finger-nail. -दारक्रिया marrying again, taking a second wife; Ms.5.168. -नवा hog-weed, Boerhavia Procumbens (Mar. घेटुळी). -पुना (पुनःपुना) N. of a river in Behār; कीकटेषु गया रम्या नदी पुण्या पुनःपुना Vāyu. P. -प्रत्युपकारः returning one's obligations, requital. -प्रसवः (See प्रतिप्रसवः) प्रतिषिद्धस्य पत्न्या अध्ययनस्य पुनःप्रसवे न किंचिदस्ति प्रमाणम् ŚB. on Ms.6.1.24. -भव a. born again. (-वः) 1 transmigration, repeated or recurring birth; metempsychosis; अदृष्टाश्रुतवस्तुत्वात् स जीवो यत् पुनर्भवः Bhāg. 1.3.32; ममापि च क्षपयतु नीललोहितः पुनर्भवं परिगतशक्तिरात्मभूः Ś.7.35; Ku.3.5. -2 a finger nail, hair; Mb.13.111.98; -भविन् m. the sentient soul. -भावः new birth, repeated birth; न गच्छन्ति पुनर्भावं मुनयः संशितव्रताः Mb.12.279.5; मेने पुनर्भावमिवात्मनश्च Bu. Ch.3.25. -भूः f. 1 a (virgin) widow remarried. -2 re-existence. -भोगः 1 repeated enjoyment. -2 return of fruition. -3 repeated possession. -वचनम् 1 repetition. -2 repeated scriptural injunction. -वत्सः a weaned calf that begins to suck again. -वसुः (usually dual) 1 the seventh lunar mansion (consisting of two or four stars); गां गताविव दिवः पुनर्वसू R.11.36. -2 an epithet of Viṣṇu. -3 of Śiva. -विवाहः remarriage. -संस्कारः (पुनःसंस्कारः) repetition of any Saṁskāra or purificatory ceremony. -संगमः, -संधानम् (पुनःसंधानम् &c.) 1 reunion. -2 rekindling the sacred fire when it has been extinguished. -संभवः (पुनःसंभवः) being born again (into the world), metempsychosis.
Macdonell Vedic Search
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punar púnar, adv. again, vi. 54, 10; x. 14, 8; 90, 4; 135, 2; back, x. 14, 12.
Macdonell Search
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punar ad. back, home; again, anew; any more or longer, still, yet; further, more over, besides; on the contrary, on the other hand, but, nevertheless: with i, gam, gâ, go back, go away again; with dâ,give back, restore; requite; with bhû, turn round; be renewed; re-marry (of a woman); púnah punah or simply punah, again and again, repeatedly; na punah punah, nevermore; âdau--punah paskât, at first -then -later; punar aparam, besides; atha vâ punah, api vâ punah, or vâ punah at the end of a verse= vâ; kadâ punah, at any time, ever; kim punah, how much more or less; however; but; punah--punah, now--now.
Bloomfield Vedic
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punar āgāṃ svān gṛhān TA.6.11.2b.
punar ātman dadhātu me Apś.10.13.11d. See punar me jaṭhare.
punar ātmā draviṇaṃ brāhmaṇaṃ ca AVś.7.67.1b; AVP.3.13.6b; śś.8.10.1b. See punar draviṇam.
punar ā dattam aśvinā AVP.9.8.8d.
punar ādhehi yaḥ pumān MG.2.18.4d. See garbham etc.
punar ā pyāyatām ayam AVP.12.19.6d.
punar ā yantu śūrpam Kauś.61.28. Fragment of ā pyāyantāṃ etc.
punar āyuḥ punar bhagaḥ (AVP. balam) AVP.12.19.4b; TA.1.30.1b; AG.3.6.8b; SMB.1.6.33b; HG.1.17.4b; MG.1.3.1b. See under punar agniḥ.
punar āyur dhehi no jātavedaḥ AVP.5.22.9b.
punar āyur na āgamat AVP.3.17.3b.
punar ā vahatād iti RV.10.24.5d.
punar āsadya sadanam VS.12.39a; TS.; MS.2.7.10a: 88.12; KS.16.10a.
punar indraḥ punar bhagaḥ AVś.6.111.4b; KS.8.14b. See under punar agniḥ.
punar indro bṛhaspatiḥ TS. See under punar agniḥ.
punar utthāpayāmasi Kauś.6.17d.
punar utthāya bahulā bhavantu TB.; Apś.1.5.5d.
punar ūrjā ni vartasva (AVP.Kauś. ūrjā vavṛtsva) AVP.1.41.4a; SV.2.1182a; VS.8.42a; 12.9a,40a; TS.;; 3.3a; MS.1.7.1a: 109.17; 1.7.4a: 112.11; 1.7.4: 112.17; 3.2.1: 15.15; 3.2.2: 17.14; KS.8.14a; 9.1; 16.8a; JB.3.71a; śB.; Lś.3.5.11a; KA.1.198.23a; Mś.; Kauś.72.14a. P: punar ūrjā TS.;; KS.16.10; 19.11,12; 22.12; MS.2.7.8: 85.10; 2.7.10: 88.14; 4.9.11: 132.9; 4.9.12: 134.2; śB.; 8.2.6; TA.4.20.2; Apś.5.28.16,17; 15.17.9; 16.12.2,12; Mś.4.4.21,30;; Kauś.72.13; HG.1.26.11; BDh.3.7.12.
punar etā ni vartantām RV.10.19.3a.
punar etu parājitā (AVP. -jitām) AVś.3.1.6d; AVP.3.6.6d.
punar etu mahāvṛṣān AVś.5.22.4d. See punar gacha etc.
punar enā ni (Mś. ā) vartaya RV.10.19.2a; Mś.,22c.
punar enā ny ā kuru RV.10.19.2b.
punar ehi vācaspate AVś.1.1.2a; N.10.18a. Designated as vācaspatiliṅgā (sc. ṛk) Kauś.41.15. See under upa na ehi.
punar ehi vṛṣākape RV.10.86.21a; AVś.20.126.21a; N.12.28a.
punar gacha mahāvṛṣān AVP.5.21.8d; 12.1.5d. See punar etu etc.
punar garbhatvam erire RV.1.6.4b; AVś.20.40.3b; 69.12b; SV.2.201b; JB.3.38b.
punar gavām adadād usriyāṇām RV.5.30.11d.
punar jarāyur (JB. -yu) gaur iva JB.2.223; TA.6.10.1d. See svaṃ jarāyu.
punar jūtiḥ kimīdinaḥ (AVP.2.91.1--5, kimīdinīḥ) AVP.2.42.1c--5c; 2.91.1--5. See punar hetiḥ kimīdinaḥ.
punar jyotir yuvatiḥ pūrvathākaḥ RV.5.80.6d.
punar dattāv asum adyeha bhadram TA.6.3.2d. See next but two.
punar dadātāghnatā RV.5.51.15c.
punar dadāmi te viṣam AVP.3.16.6a.
punar dātām asum adyeha bhadram RV.10.14.12d; AVś.18.2.13d; AVP.10.9.10d. See prec. but two.
punar dehi vanaspate AVś.18.3.70a. P: punar dehi Kauś.83.19.
punar dohāya kalpatām TB.; Apś.1.13.10d.
punar dyaur devī punar antarikṣam RV.10.59.7b; AVP.2.80.5a.
punar draviṇam aitu mā (AGṃG. mām) TA.1.30.1d; AG.3.6.8c; SMB.1.6.33c; HG.1.17.4d; MG.1.3.1c. See punar ātmā.
punar na indra gā dehi RV.10.19.6b.
punar na indro maghavā dadātu AB.7.21.2; TB.; Aś.2.10.16a.
punar naḥ pāhy aṃhasaḥ (TS. pāhi viśvataḥ) AVP.1.41.4c; SV.2.1182c; VS.12.9c,40c; TS.;; 3.4c; MS.1.7.1c: 109.18; 1.7.4c: 112.12; KS.8.14c; 9.1; 16.8c; JB.3.71c; KA.1.198.23c; Lś.3.5.11c; Kauś.72.14c.
punar naḥ pitaro manaḥ RV.10.57.5a; VS.3.55a; TS.; MS.1.10.3a: 143.19; KS.9.6a; śB.; Lś.5.2.11a; Kauś.89.1a.
punar naḥ somas tanvaṃ dadātu RV.10.59.7c.
punar neṣad aghaśaṃsāya manma RV.10.182.1b.
punar no agnir jātavedā dadātu AB.7.21.3.
punar no asuṃ pṛthivī dadātu RV.10.59.7a. Cf. BṛhD.7.94.
punar no devā abhiyantu sarve TB.
punar no devī nirṛtir dadātu AVP.3.10.2d.
punar no devy aditi spṛṇotu TB.
punar no naṣṭam ākṛdhi (RV.AVś. ājatu) RV.6.54.10c; AVś.7.9.4c; VS.12.8d; TS.;; KS.16.8d; MS.1.7.1d: 109.15; Mś.
punar no yamaḥ pitṛbhir dadātu AVP.3.10.2a.
punar no rayim ā kṛdhi AVP.1.41.2d; VS.12.8e; TS.;; KS.16.8e; MS.1.7.1e: 109.15; Mś.; Kauś.72.14d. See adhā no rayim, and cf. tābhir naḥ punar.
punar nau vratapate vratinor vratāni MS.1.2.13: 22.17. P: punar nau vratapate Mś.
punar brahmāṇo (AVś. brahmā) vasunītha (AVś. vasunītir; KS.8.14b, vasudhītam; KS.38.12b, vasunītha; MS. vasudhīte) yajñaiḥ (AVśṃS.KS.8.14b, agne) AVś.12.2.6b; VS.12.44b; TS.; MS.1.7.1b: 108.9; KS.8.14b; 38.12b; śB.
punar brāhmaṇam aitu mā (AGṃG. mām) TA.1.30.1c; AG.3.6.8d; SMB.1.6.33d; MG.1.3.1d; HG.1.17.4c.
punar ma ātmā punar āyur āgāt (MG. aitu) TB.; HG.1.17.4a; MG.1.3.2a. See punar manaḥ.
punar manaḥ punar āyur (SMB. ātmā) ma (MS. nā; Apś. omits the word) āgāt (VS.śB. āgan; but VSK. āgāt) VS.4.15a; VSK.4.5.7a; MS.1.2.3a: 12.5; śB.; TA.2.5.3a; Apś.10.18.3a; 17.23.11a; SMB.1.6.34a. P: punar manaḥ Kś.7.4.40; Mś. See punar ma ātmā.
punar manuṣyā uta (AVś. adaduḥ) RV.10.109.6b; AVś.5.17.10b; AVP.9.15.9b.
punar mām aitv (AVś.AVP.Vait.Kauś. maitv; TA.1.30.1a, mā praitv) indriyam AVś.7.67.1a; AVP.3.13.6a; śB.; TA.1.30.1a; 32.1; BṛhU.6.4.5a; śś.8.10.1a; Vait.18.4; AG.3.6.8a; Kauś.9.2; 45.17; 54.2; 57.8; 66.2; SMB.1.6.33a; GG.3.3.34; HG.1.17.4a; MG.1.3.1a. P: punar mām KhG.2.5.35; ViDh.28.51; MDh.2.181.
punar mā yantu devatā yā mad apacakramuḥ SMB.2.5.10ab. Quasi hemistich.
punar mārtāṇḍam ābharat RV.10.72.9d. See parā mārtāṇḍam ābharat.
punar māviśatād (Mś. -tāṃ) rayiḥ VS.8.42d; TS.; 7.2c; śB.; Mś.,24,27d,32e; Apś.22.15.11e,13e,15e.
punar mitrāvaruṇā vāto agniḥ AVP.3.10.2b.
punar me aśvinā yuvam TS.; Mś.
punar me jaṭhare dhattām GB.1.2.7d; Vait.12.8d. See punar ātman.
punar yato nakir addhā nu veda RV.10.111.7d.
punar yan taruṇīr api RV.8.43.7c.
punar yamaḥ punar yamasya dūtāḥ AVP.5.17.8c.
punar yamaś cakṣur adāt Mś. See punar agniś etc.
punar yuvānaṃ cakrathuḥ śacībhiḥ RV.1.117.13b.
punar yuvānaṃ carathāya takṣathuḥ RV.10.39.4b; N.4.19.
punar yuvānaṃ janayann upāgām TS.; KS.40.2b; Mś.
punar yuvānā carathāya takṣatha RV.4.36.3d.
punar ye cakruḥ pitarā yuvānā RV.4.33.3a.
punar vardhante api yanti devyam RV.1.140.7c.
punar vātaḥ punar diśaḥ AVP.5.17.8b.
punar vai devā adaduḥ RV.10.109.6a; AVś.5.17.10a; AVP.9.15.9a.
punar vo yantu yātavaḥ AVś.2.24.1--8; AVP.2.42.1b--5b; 2.91.1--5.
punar vyānam uta soma dhehi AVP.2.80.1b.
punar hetiḥ kimīdinaḥ AVś.2.24.1--4. See punar jūtiḥ.
punar hetiḥ kimīdinīḥ AVś.2.24.5--8.
punar agna iṣāyuṣā SV.2.1182b; VS.12.9b,40b; TS.;; 3.4b; KS.8.14b; 9.1; 16.8b; MS.1.7.1b: 109.17; 1.7.4b: 112.11; JB.3.71b; KA.1.198.23b; Lś.3.5.11b; Kauś.72.14b. See punar agne.
punar agnayo dhiṣṇyāḥ (AVP.śś. dhiṣṇyāsaḥ) AVś.7.67.1c; AVP.3.13.6c; śB.; BṛhU.6.4.5c; śś.8.10.1c. See under athaite.
punar agniḥ punar bhagaḥ Mś. See punar āyuḥ, punar indraḥ, punar indro, and punas tejaḥ.
punar agniś cakṣur adāt TS.; Apś.9.12.11; HG.1.26.9; BDh. See punar yamaś.
punar agne viśāyuṣā AVP.1.41.4b. See punar agna.
punar abhyājigāṃsati JB.2.383d.
punar asti nivartanam AVś.3.6.7d; 9.2.12d; AVP.3.3.7d.
punar asmabhyaṃ suvitāya deva RV.1.189.3c; MS.4.14.3c: 218.10; TB.
punar asmāsu dadhmasi PB.1.5.17d; JB.1.167d; Lś.2.10.7. See asmāsu dhārayāmasi.
punar asmai mano dhehi AVP.12.19.4a.
punar āgāḥ punarnava (AVś.8.1.20b, punarṇavaḥ; AVś.20.96.10b, punarṇava) RV.10.161.5b; AVś.8.1.20b; 20.96.10b.
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punar indeclinable again and again (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
back (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
besides (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
further (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
home (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
however (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
in an opposite direction (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
moreover (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
nevertheless (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
repeatedly (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
still (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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