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punarind. further, moreover, besides (also punar aparam-; ādau-punar-paścāt-,at first-then-later) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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punar ad. back, home; again, anew; any more or longer, still, yet; further, more over, besides; on the contrary, on the other hand, but, nevertheless: with i, gam, gâ, go back, go away again; with dâ,give back, restore; requite; with bhû, turn round; be renewed; re-marry (of a woman); púnah punah or simply punah, again and again, repeatedly; na punah punah, nevermore; âdau--punah paskât, at first -then -later; punar aparam, besides; atha vâ punah, api vâ punah, or vâ punah at the end of a verse= vâ; kadâ punah, at any time, ever; kim punah, how much more or less; however; but; punah--punah, now--now.
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