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pulkasa: masculine vocative singular stem: pulkasa
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pulkasam. (f(ī-).) Name of a despised mixed tribe (also kaka- ; see paulkas/a-and pukkaśa-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pulkasa पुल्कसः N. of a despised mixed tribe (the progeny born of a Niṣāda male and Śūdra female, 'जातो निषादा- च्छूद्रायां जात्या भवति पुल्कसः'); Ms.4.79; Bhāg.9.21.1.
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puṣkasa m. incorr. for pulkasa.
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paulkasa Is the name of one of the victims at the Puruṣa- medha (‘human sacrifice’) in the Yajurveda. The name also occurs in the Brhadāranyaka Upanisad as that of a despised race of men, together with the Cāndāla. The Maitrāyaηī Samhitā has the variant Puklaka or Pulkaka, clearly the same as Pulkasa, of which Paulkasa is a derivative form, showing that a caste is meant (cf Kaulāla, Pauñji§tha). In the accepted theory the Pulkasa is the son of a Niṣāda or śūdra by a Kṣatriya woman, but this is merely speculative; the Paulkasa may either have been a functional caste, or, as Fick5 believes, an aboriginal clan living by catching wild beasts, and only occasionally reduced to menial tasks.
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pulkasa a caṇḍālaSB 9.21.10
pulkasakaḥ a caṇḍāla, one who is less than a śūdraSB 6.13.8-9
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pulkasa noun (masculine) name of a despised mixed tribe (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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