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priyate: third person singular passive system present class pṛ
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prī cl.9 P. A1. () prīṇ/āti-, prīṇīt/e- ; cl.4 A1. () prīyate- (rather Passive voice; Epic and mc. also ti-and priyate-, ti-; perfect tense pipriy/e-, parasmE-pada yāṇ/a- subjunctive pipr/ayat-; imperative pipr/ayasva-or prīh/i- ; Aorist apraiṣīt- subjunctive pr/eṣat- ; apreṣṭa- grammar; future preṣyati-, te-, pretā- ) P. to please, gladden, delight, gratify, cheer, comfort, soothe, propitiate etc. ; (mostly A1. prīyate-) to be pleased or satisfied with, delight in, enjoy (genitive case instrumental case locative case or ablative) ; (A1.; Epic and mc. also P.and pri-) to like, love, be kind to (accusative) : Causal prīṇayati- (prāpayati- , prāyayati- ), to please, delight gratify, propitiate etc. ; to refresh, comfort : Desiderative p/iprīṣati-, to wish to please or propitiate : Intensive peprīyate-, peprayīti-, pepreti- grammar ([ confer, compare Gothic frijo7n,frijo7nds; German friunt,freund; Anglo-Saxon freo4nd; English friend; Slavonic or Slavonian prijati; Lithuanian pre0teliusetc.])
samprīA1. -prīyate-, to be completely satisfied or contented, be greatly pleased with, delight in (locative case or ablative) etc.: Causal -prīṇayati-, to make completely happy or pleased View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vyāpṛA1. 2. -priyate-, or -priṇute-, to be occupied or engaged in, be busy about (locative case;or with artham-or hetos- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound'), be employed (in any office) etc.: Causal -pārayati-, to cause to be employed, set to work, keep busy, employ with or in or for (instrumental case locative case,or artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') (with karam-,to place or fix the hand ;with, hastam-,to wave the hand ;with vilocanāni-,to fix the eyes upon, direct the glance towards ;with vāṇīm-,to use or raise one's voice ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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