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pravigraham. ( grah-) separation of words by dividing or breaking up the saṃdhi- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pravigraha m. distinct separation of words euphonically combined; -ghatana, n. breaking in pieces; -kâra, m.: -nâ, f. dis tinction, species; -kintaka, a. foreseeing; -ketana, n. comprehension; -dalana, n. shattering; -dâra, m. bursting asunder.
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pravigrahaseparate or distinct uterance of several words of a sentence which are joined together by Sandhi rules in a compound ( समास ) or otherwise, with a very short pause ( अवग्रह ) after each word. e. g. उद् उ एति instead of उद्वेति; confer, compare प्रविग्रहेण मृदूवग्रहेण चर्चयेयुः Ṛgvedaprātiśākhya by Śaunaka ( Sanskrit Sāhityapariṣad Edition, Calcutta.) XV.10, where Uvvata remarks प्रविग्रहेषु प्रश्लिष्टं विश्लिष्टं कुर्यात् । कालाधिक्येन कुर्यात्। तथा च उद् उ एति इति पठेन्न तु उद्वेति.
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