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pravadP. A1. -vadati-, te- (Ved. infinitive mood pr/a-vaditos-), to speak out, pronounce, proclaim, declare, utter, say, tell etc. ; to speak to (accusative) ; to raise the voice (said of birds and animals) ; to roar, splash (said of water) ; (see a-pravadat-) to assert, affirm, state ; to pronounce to be, call, name (2 accusative) etc. ; to offer for sale (with instrumental case of price) (varia lectio): Causal -vādayati-, to cause to sound, play (with accusative of the instrument) etc. ; (without an object) to play, make music (also -vādyati-,with act. meaning ) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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caturdhā pravadati agnau # VārG.13.3a.
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pravadataḥ while describingSB 1.9.29
pravadatām of argumentsBG 10.32
pravadati thus having spokenSB 1.17.21
pravadati was speaking very philosophicallySB 7.2.58
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