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abhipre( i-), -praiti- (Imper. 2. sg. -pr/ehi-2. plural pr/eta- ; ) to go near to, approach ; to approach with one's mind, to think of ; to aim at, intend. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
apapre( i-), (3. pl. -pra-y/anti-,or -pr/a-yanti-;Opt. -pr/eyāt-) to go away, withdraw View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
kḷp cl.1 A1. k/alpate- (; perf. cakḷpe-,3. plural cākḷpr/e- future kalpiṣyate-and kalpsy-[3. dual number kalpsyete- ; vv.ll. kḷps-and klaps-],or kalpsyati-; Conditional akalpiṣyata-,or lpsyat-; 1st future kalpitā-or kalptā-[see ]; Aorist akḷpta-or pat-; proper and perf. only A1. ), to be well ordered or regulated, be well managed, succeed etc. ; to bear suitable relation to anything, correspond, be adapted to, in accordance with, suitable to (instrumental case) etc. ; to be fit for (locative case) ; to accommodate one's self to, be favourable to, subserve, effect (with dative case) etc. ; to partake of (dative case) etc. ; to fall to the share, be shared or partaken by (locative case dative case or genitive case exempli gratia, 'for example' yajñ/o dev/eṣu kalpatām-,"let the sacrifice be shared by the gods") ; to become (with Nominal verb) ; (with dative case [ Va1rtt. 2 ] ) ; to happen, occur ; to prepare, arrange ; to produce, cause, effect, create (with accusative) ; to declare as, consider as (with double accusative) (perf. p. kḷptavat-): Causal P. A1. kalp/ayati-, te-, (Aorist acīkḷpat-or cākḷpat-[ ] subjunctive cīkḷpāti- ), to set in order, arrange, distribute, dispose ; to bring into suitable connection with ; to prepare, arrange etc. ; to fit out, furnish with (instrumental case) ; to help any one in obtaining anything (dative case or locative case or genitive case) ; to fix, settle ; to declare as, consider as (with double accusative exempli gratia, 'for example' mātaram enāṃ kalpayantu-,"let them consider her as their mother" ) etc. ; to make, execute, bring about etc. ; to frame, form, invent, compose (as a poem etc.), imagine ; to perform (as a ceremony etc.) ; to trim, cut ; (in Prakrit) ; to pronounce a formula or verse which contains the kḷp- : Desiderative cikḷpsati- or cikalpiṣate- ; ([ confer, compare Gothic hilpa; English help; German helfe; Lithuanian gelbmi.])
praitosSee pr/e- (pra-i-), p.711. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
preṣ( pra-iṣ-) P. A1. preṣyati-, te- (Ved. infinitive mood preṣe- ; ind.p. pr/aiṣam- sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order), to drive on, urge, impel, send forth ; to invite, summon, call upon (another priest to commence a recitation or a ceremony [ accusative ] exempli gratia, 'for example' sāma preṣyati-,"he calls upon to commence the recitation of a sāman-"; especially imperative preṣya-,"call upon to recite or offer [ accusative or genitive case ]to [ dative case ]") (see ) : Causal preṣayati-, to hurl, fling, cast, throw ; to turn or direct the eyes (varia lectio prerayantyā-) ; to send forth, dismiss, dispatch etc. ; to send into exile, banish ; to send word, send a message to a person (genitive case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pretivat(pr/e-) mfn. containing the word preti- or any form of pre- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prī cl.9 P. A1. () prīṇ/āti-, prīṇīt/e- ; cl.4 A1. () prīyate- (rather Passive voice; Epic and mc. also ti-and priyate-, ti-; perfect tense pipriy/e-, parasmE-pada yāṇ/a- subjunctive pipr/ayat-; imperative pipr/ayasva-or prīh/i- ; Aorist apraiṣīt- subjunctive pr/eṣat- ; apreṣṭa- grammar; future preṣyati-, te-, pretā- ) P. to please, gladden, delight, gratify, cheer, comfort, soothe, propitiate etc. ; (mostly A1. prīyate-) to be pleased or satisfied with, delight in, enjoy (genitive case instrumental case locative case or ablative) ; (A1.; Epic and mc. also P.and pri-) to like, love, be kind to (accusative) : Causal prīṇayati- (prāpayati- , prāyayati- ), to please, delight gratify, propitiate etc. ; to refresh, comfort : Desiderative p/iprīṣati-, to wish to please or propitiate : Intensive peprīyate-, peprayīti-, pepreti- grammar ([ confer, compare Gothic frijo7n,frijo7nds; German friunt,freund; Anglo-Saxon freo4nd; English friend; Slavonic or Slavonian prijati; Lithuanian pre0teliusetc.])
sampreṣ( -pra-- 1 iṣ-) P. -pr/eṣyati-, to send forth, throw, fling, cast ; (in Vedic ritual) to summon, invite (see 2. pre-) : Causal -preṣayati-, to send forth together, send away, despatch, send, dismiss etc. ; to send a message to (genitive case) ; to direct (the thoughts) towards (locative case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vartanīf. "grinding"or"despatching" (equals peṣaṇa-or pr/eṣaṇa-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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