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puṣ cl.1 P. () poṣati- (trans.) , only ; cl.4 P. () p/uṣyati- (trans. and intrans.; mc. also te-) etc. etc.; cl.9 P. () puṣṇāti- (trans.) etc. (perfect tense pup/oṣa-, pupuṣyās- ; Aorist apuṣat-or apoṣīt- grammar; Potential puṣeyam-, ; preceding puṣyāsam-, sma- ; future poṣiṣyati-, pokṣyati-; poṣitā-, poṣṭā- grammar; Passive voice puṣyate- ; Aorist apoṣi- grammar; infinitive mood puṣy/ase- ), to be nourished (with instrumental case exempli gratia, 'for example' bhāryayā- ), to thrive, flourish, prosper (also with p/oṣam-, puṣṭim-or vṛddhim-) (rarely in later language exempli gratia, 'for example' [see above], and sometimes in , where also 3 sg. puṣyati-tarām-) ; to cause to thrive or prosper, nourish, foster, augment, increase, further, promote, fulfil (exempli gratia, 'for example' a wish) , develop, unfold, display, gain, obtain, enjoy, possess etc. etc.: Causal posk/ayati- (Aorist apūpuṣat- grammar), to rear, nourish, feed, cause to thrive or prosper etc. ; to cause to be reared or fed by (instrumental case) : Desiderative pupoṣiṣati-, pupuṣithati-, pupukṣati- grammar : Intensive popuṣyate-, popoṣṭi- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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