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pitaras: masculine nominative plural stem: pitṛ
pitaras: masculine accusative plural stem: pitṛ
pitaras: masculine vocative plural stem: pitṛ
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nāndīmukham. plural (with or scilicet pitaras-;also khaḥ pitṛ-gaṇah-) a class of deceased ancestors to whom a particular śrāddha-, is offered (according to some the 3 ancestors preceding the great-grandfather) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pitṛm. (irreg. accusative plural pitaras- ; genitive case plural pitriṇām- ) a father etc. etc. (in the veda- Name of bṛhas-pati-, varuṇa-, prajā-pati-, and especially of heaven or the sky; antarā pitaraṃ mātaraṃ ca-,"between heaven and earth" ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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pitaras tvā manojavā dakṣiṇataḥ pāntu MS.1.2.8: 18.2. See manojavaso, and manojavās tvā.
pitaras tvā yamarājānaḥ pitṛbhir dakṣiṇataḥ pāntu (MS. dakṣiṇato rocayantu) TS.; MS.4.9.5: 125.5; Mś.
pitaras tvā yamarājāno bhakṣayantu śś.4.21.9.
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