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piparti: third person singular present present class 3 parasmaipadapṛ
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āpṝP. -piparti-, -pṛṇāti-, and -pṛṇati-, to fill up, fulfil, fill ; to do any one's desire, satisfy any one's wish : A1. -pṛṇate-, to surfeit one's self, satiate or satisfy one's self : Passive voice -pūryate-, to be filled, become full, increase ; to be satiated, satisfied etc.: Causal -pūrayati-, to fill up, fulfil, fill etc. ; to fill with noise ; to fill with air, to inflate ; to cover ; to load anything with View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
niṣpṛP. -piparti- (2. plural -pipṛthaḥ- imperative -pipartana- subjunctive Aorist -parṣat-), to bring out, rescue or deliver from (ablative) ; to come out (imperative n/iṣ-para- varia lectio nithvara-) : Causal -pārayati-, to help out, rescue View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pṛ pṛ take across, III. P. píparti; ipv. pipṛtám, vii. 61, 7; II. P. párṣi = ipv., ii. 33, 3.
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piparti papurir narā RV.1.46.4b; N.5.24b.
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piparti noun (masculine) [gramm.] root pṛ
Frequency rank 58027/72933
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