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phalati: third person singular present present class 1 parasmaipadaphal
phalati: neuter locative singular stem: phalat.
phalati: masculine locative singular stem: phalat.
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phal cl.1 P. () phalati- (Epic also A1. te-; perfect tense paphāla- plural pheluḥ- ; confer, compare ; Aorist aphālīt- grammar; future phaliṣyati- ; phalitā- grammar), to burst, cleave open or asunder, split (intrans.) etc. ; to rebound, be reflected ; (;but rather phala-below) to bear or produce fruit, ripen (literally and figuratively), be fruitful, have results or consequences, be fulfilled, result, succeed etc. ; to fall to the share of (locative case) ; to obtain (fruit or reward) ; to bring to maturity, fulfil, yield, grant, bestow (with accusative,rarely instrumental case) etc. ; to give out, emit (heat) ; () to go (confer, compare pal-): Causal phālayati- Aorist apīphalat- grammar (confer, compare phālita-): Desiderative piphaliṣati- grammar : Intensive pamphulyate-, pamphulīti-, pamphulti- [ confer, compare sphaṭ-, sphuṭ-; German spalten; English split.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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phalati gives the resultSB 5.9.19
phalati is fruitfulCC Madhya 15.110

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