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parikampCaus. -kampayati-, to cause to tremble, shake View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
parikampam. tremor, great fear or terror View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
parikampinmfn. trembling violently View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samparikampCaus. -kampayati-, to cause to tremble, shake violently, agitate View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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parikampaḥ परिकम्पः 1 A great terror. -2 Violent tremour or trembling; विरमतु परिकम्पः कातरे क्षत्रियासि Mv.2.27.
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parikampin a. trembling vio lently; -kara, m. sg. & pl. retinue, dependents; assistance, expedient; addition; abundance, multitude; girdle for looping up a garment: -m bandh or kri, gird oneself for, prepare to (lc. or inf.); -karita, pp. accompanied by (in.); -karman, n. adoration; decoration of the person, anointing the body; purification, means of purifying; preparation for (--°ree;); -karma-ya, den. P. adorn; -karmin, m. at tendant, servant; -kalayitri, a. enclosing; -kalpana, n. cheating; -kîrtana, n. proclaim ing aloud, promulgation; naming; -kopa, m. violent anger; -krama, m. succession, order; -kraya, m. hire; redemption, peace pur chased with money; -kriyâ, f. attention to (--°ree;); -kleda, m. wetness; -klesa, m. hard ship; trouble, suffering; -kshaya, m. dis appearance, cessation, failure; decline; ruin; -kshâna, n. pl. coal-dust; -kshâma,a. ema ciated; -kshit, a. dwelling around (Agni), extending around (du., heaven and earth); m. N. of various princes; -kshiti, f. wound ing; -kshîna, pp. emaciated, wasted away; -kshepa, m. moving to and fro; surrounding, encompassing; that which encircles; compass.
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parikampayan making trembleSB 10.15.29
samparikampayan making shake all aroundSB 10.15.28

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