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parasparam: neuter nominative singular stem: paraspara
parasparam: masculine accusative singular stem: paraspara
parasparam: neuter accusative singular stem: paraspara
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parasparamind. (mostly in the oblique cases of m. sg. am-, eṇa-, āt-, asya-) one another, each other, with or from one another, one another's, mutually, reciprocally etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sthita pp. [√ sthâ] standing, -up (opp. walking, sitting, lying); standing firm (in battle); staying, remaining, situated, in a place (lc., ad., --°ree;; common mg.); being in a condition or position (in., ab., lc., --°ree;, n. in app.; more commonly ad., pp., pr. pt., gd.; w. pr. pt. or gd.=continually; ord. mg.); engaged in, intent on, addicted or devoted to, practising, persevering in (lc., --°ree;); abiding in, conforming to, following (command etc., lc.); being in office; steady, kept (agreement, counsel); settled, generally accepted (also Br.); determined, resolved upon; firmly con vinced; firmly resolved to (inf., lc. of vbl. n.); ready to (d.); being there, existing, present, come (time); directed to (lc., --°ree;; effort, gaze); resting or dependent on (lc.); conducing (oppression) to (d.); remaining, left (rare); having desisted or stopped; un accompanied by iti (in the Padapâtha); stand ing alone: -m, n. imps. it was stood by (in.) =he waited; anityam sthitah, not remain ing permanently, staying only a short time; purah --, =imminent; parasparam sthitau, standing face to face (as foes); muktâ½âkâ ra-tayâ --, resting in the form of (=like) a pearl (drop of water); pade sthite,=in the Padapâtha; n. standing still, staying: -vat, pp. act. being, in (lc.).
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parasparam among one anotherNBS 68
SB 10.43.21-22
SB 10.68.20
parasparam among themselvesBG 10.9
parasparam amongst themselves as followsSB 4.23.24
parasparam at one anotherSB 10.15.51
parasparam between one anotherSB 1.18.44
parasparam each otherCC Adi 5.138
SB 10.44.5
parasparam each other'sSB 10.80.27
SB 10.80.38
parasparam from one to anotherSB 10.50.25-28
parasparam in the world of dualitySB 1.8.9
parasparam mutuallyBG 3.11
Bs 5.19
SB 11.22.31
parasparam on one anotherSB 10.5.14
parasparam one anotherSB 5.13.6
SB 9.1.27
parasparam to one anotherSB 10.44.6
parasparam together (grasping the feet of the Deity)SB 11.27.46
parasparam with one anotherSB 10.11.39-40
SB 3.21.17
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parasparam, mithaḥ, anyonyam   

anyonyena saha।

tau parasparaṃ kalahāyete।

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