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paijavanam. (fr. pijavana-) patronymic of su-dās- and of several men View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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paijavana m. son of Pigavana, pat. of various men.
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paijavana ‘Descendant of Pyavana,’ is the patronymic of Sudās. It seems most probable that Pijavana intervened in the line of succession between Divodāsa and Sudās, because the two kings have, according to tradition, quite different Purohitas, the former being served by the Bharadvājas as his priests, the latter by Vasiṣtha and Viávāmitra ; this is more natural if they were divided by a period of time than if they had been, as is usually supposed, father and son. Geldner, how­ever, identifies Divodāsa and Pijavana.
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aviṣṭanā paijavanasya ketam RV.7.18.25c.
arhann agne paijavanasya dānam # RV.7.18.22c.
catvāro mā paijavanasya dānāḥ # RV.7.18.23a.
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paijavana noun (masculine) patr. of Sudās and of several men (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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