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sthita pp. [√ sthâ] standing, -up (opp. walking, sitting, lying); standing firm (in battle); staying, remaining, situated, in a place (lc., ad., --°ree;; common mg.); being in a condition or position (in., ab., lc., --°ree;, n. in app.; more commonly ad., pp., pr. pt., gd.; w. pr. pt. or gd.=continually; ord. mg.); engaged in, intent on, addicted or devoted to, practising, persevering in (lc., --°ree;); abiding in, conforming to, following (command etc., lc.); being in office; steady, kept (agreement, counsel); settled, generally accepted (also Br.); determined, resolved upon; firmly con vinced; firmly resolved to (inf., lc. of vbl. n.); ready to (d.); being there, existing, present, come (time); directed to (lc., --°ree;; effort, gaze); resting or dependent on (lc.); conducing (oppression) to (d.); remaining, left (rare); having desisted or stopped; un accompanied by iti (in the Padapâtha); stand ing alone: -m, n. imps. it was stood by (in.) =he waited; anityam sthitah, not remain ing permanently, staying only a short time; purah --, =imminent; parasparam sthitau, standing face to face (as foes); muktâ½âkâ ra-tayâ --, resting in the form of (=like) a pearl (drop of water); pade sthite,=in the Padapâtha; n. standing still, staying: -vat, pp. act. being, in (lc.).

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