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padan. a footstep, trace, vestige, mark, the foot itself, etc. (padena-,on foot; pade pade-,at every step, everywhere, on every occasion; trīṇi padāni viṣṇoḥ-,the three steps or footprints of viṣṇu- [i.e. the earth, the air, and the sky; see ],also Name of a constellation or according to some"the space between the eyebrows"; sg. viṣṇoḥ padam-Name of a locality; padaṃ--, padāt padaṃ-gam-or cal-,to make a step, move on; padaṃ-kṛ-,with locative case to set foot in or on, to enter;with mūrdhni-,to set the foot upon the head of [ genitive case ] id est overcome;with citte-or hṛdaye-,to take possession of any one's heart or mind;with locative case or prati-,to have dealings with padaṃ ni-dhā-with locative case,to set foot in = to make impression upon;with padavyām-,to set the foot on a person's [ genitive case or in the beginning of a compound ]track, to emulate or equal; padam ni-bandh-with locative case,to enter or engage in) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pada (m.) n. step; stride; footstep; trace; mark, sign; footing, place, abode, home; station, position, office; dignity, rank; object (of contempt, dispute, etc.); cause, oc casion; foot (also as a measure); quarter verse; word; nominal base before consonant terminations (so-called because treated like a word in external Sandhi); word-reading of the Veda (in which the words are given sepa rately irrespective of the rules of Sandhi): padam kri, set foot on, enter (lc.); have a regard for (prati); have to do with (lc.): mûrdhni, place one's foot on the head of (g.) =overcome, surpass, hridaye or kitte --, take complete possession of the heartor mind; padam â-tan, gain ground; -dhâ, gain a footing; -ni-dhâ, set foot on=make an im pression on (lc.): -padavyâm, set foot on the path of=emulate (g.); padam ni-bandh= engage in (lc.); pade pade, at every step, everywhere, on every occasion.
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pade pade

anupadam, kramaśaḥ, padaśaḥ, pade pade, padātpadam, pratipadam   

padaṃ prayujya।

anupadaṃ saḥ svasya lakṣyam abhi agacchat।

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