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bhid cl.7.P. A1. () bhin/atti-, bhintte- (imperfect tense 2. 3. sg. /abhinat- ; subjunctive bhin/aadaḥ- ; imperative bindh/i- ; binddhi- [ confer, compare binddhi-lavaṇā-];cl.1. P. bh/edati- ; Potential bhideyam- ; perfect tense bibh/eda- ; Aorist , 2. 3. sg. bh/et- abhaitsīt- ; bhitthās- ; preceding bhitsīṣṭa- grammar; future bhetsy/ati-, te- etc.; Conditional abhetsyat- ; future bhettā- grammar; infinitive mood bh/ettav/ai- ; bhettum- etc.; ind.p. bhittv/ā-, -bhidya- etc.) , to split, cleave, break, cut or rend asunder, pierce, destroy etc.,; to pass through (as a planet or, comet) ; to disperse (darkness) ; to transgress, violate, (a compact or alliance) etc. ; to open, expand ; to loosen, disentangle, dissolve etc. ; to disturb, interrupt, stop ; to disclose, betray etc. ; to disunite, set at variance ; to distinguish, discriminate : Passive voice bhidy/ate- (Epic also ti- Aorist abhedi- etc.; perfect tense bibhide- ), to be split or broken, burst (intrans.) etc. ; to be opened (as a closed hand, eyes etc.) ; to overflow (as water) ; to be loosened, become loose ; to be stopped or interrupted ; to be disclosed or betrayed ; to be changed or altered (in mind), be won over ; to be disunited ; to keep aloof from (instrumental case) ; to be distinguished, differ from (ablative) etc.: Causal bhedayati-, te- (Aorist abībhidat-; confer, compare also bhidāpana-), to cause to split or break etc. ; to split, break, shatter, crush, destroy ; to separate, divide (See bhedita-) ; to disunite, set at variance, perplex, unsettle (in opinion), seduce, win over : Desiderative b/ibhitsati-, te-, to wish to break through or disperse or defeat (confer, compare, bibhitsā-): Desiderative of Causal See bibhedayiṣu-: Intensive bebhidīti- or bebhetti-, to cleave repeatedly [ confer, compare Latin findo; German beissen; English bite.]
chid cl.7. chin/atti-, chintte- (imperative n/attu-;2. sg. ndh/i-[ confer, compare ];2. dual number nt/am-; subjunctive 1. sg. n/adai-; Potential ndet- ; cl.9. 1. sg. chinnāmi- ; imperfect tense 2. sg. achinad-,or nas- ; perfect tense ciccheda-, cchide-; parasmE-pada cchidvas-, ; Aorist acchidat-or acchaitsīt-[ subjunctive ch- etc.] ;2. sg. chitsi- ;1. plural chedma- ; A1. acchitta-and 2. sg. tthās-[ subjunctive ch- ], on ; future chetsyati-, ; ind.p. chittvā- infinitive mood chettum-; Passive voice chidyate-; See /a-cchidyamāna-; Aorist /acchedi-and chedi- ) to cut off, amputate, cut through, hew, chop, split, pierce etc. ; to divide, separate from (ablative;exceptionally instrumental case ) ; to destroy, annihilate, efface, blot out etc. ; (in mathematics) to divide : Passive voice to be split or cut, break : Causal chedayati- (Aorist acicchidat-) to cut off. ; to cause to cut off or through : Desiderative See cicchitsu- : Intensive cecchidīti- (), dyate- ( Va1rtt. 2 ) ; future Ist ditā-, Va1rtt. 2 ; ([ confer, compare , etc.; Latin scindo; Gothic skeida.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
chṛd cl.7. (imperative chṛṇattu-,2. sg. chṛndhi-; future, chardiṣyati-and chartsy- ; perfect tense caccharda-,3. plural cchṛdur-, Va1rtt. 3 ) to vomit ; to utter, leave ; P. A1. (chṛntte-) to shine ; to play : cl.1. chardati- (varia lectio rpati-) to kindle, : Causal chardayati- idem or 'f. see ' (varia lectio rpay-) ; to cause to flow over ; to vomit, eject (with or without accusative) ; to cause to spit or vomit ; A1. to vomit : Desiderative cicchardiṣati- and cchṛtsati- : Causal Desiderative cicchardayiṣati-, Va1rtt. 2 ; see ā--, pra--. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
khid cl.6. khindati- (;Ved. khidati- ; perf. cikheda-,or Vedic or Veda cakhāda- ; future khetsyati- ), to strike, press, press down ; to be depressed or wearied : cl.7 A1. khintte-, to be pressed down, suffer pain : cl.4 A1. khidyate- (rarely P. ), to be pressed down or depressed, be distressed or wearied, feel tired or exhausted etc.: Causal P. khedayati- (rarely A1. ), to press down, molest, disturb, make tired or exhausted (varia lectio) ; ([ confer, compare Greek ?])
krand cl.1 P. A1. kr/andati-, krandate- (varia lectio kradate-fr. krad- ; subjunctive kr/andat-; imperfect tense krandat-and /akrandat-; Aorist 2. sg. kradas-, cakradas-,and /akrān-,3. sg. akrān-and /akrān-; akrandīt- ; parasmE-pada kr/andat-), to neigh (as a horse), roar (metaphorically applied to the clouds and to wind and water) ; to creak (as a wheel) ; to sound, make a noise ; to cry piteously, weep, lament, grieve, be confused with sorrow etc. ; to call out piteously to any one (accusative) (perf. cakranda-) : Causal krandayati- (Aorist /acikradat-,3. plural dan-), to cause to roar ; to cause to weep or lament ; to roar, rave ; to neigh after (accusative) : Intensive P. k/anikrantti- (A1. ntte- ; parasmE-pada k/anikradat-,once k/anikrat- ; parasmE-pada A1. kanikrady/amana- ) , to neigh, roar, rave, cry out ; to creak, crackle ; ([ confer, compare Gothic gre1ta,"to lament."]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
kṣud cl.1 P. kṣ/odati-, to strike against, shake () ; A1. to move, be agitated or shaken : cl.7 P. A1. kṣuṇatti-, kṣuntte- (imperfect tense akṣuṇat-; Aorist 3. plural akṣautsur-; future kṣotsyati- ), to stamp or trample upon : Causal kṣodayati- (imperfect tense /akṣodayat-), to shake or agitate by stamping ; to crush, pound, pulverise ; (Nom. kṣudr/a-) to reduce, diminish ; ([ confer, compare Greek , for, ; Lithuanian skausti ?]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nitṛdP. A1. -tṛṇatti-, -tṛntte-, to pierce, cleave, split View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pracchid( chid-) P. A1. -cchinatti-, -cchintte- to cut off or through, pierce, split, cleave etc. ; to rend or take away, withdraw : Causal -cchedayati-, to cause to cut off etc. : Causal of Intensive -cecchidayya- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sambhidP. A1. -bhinatti-, -bhintte-, to break to pieces, split or break completely asunder, pierce, hurt etc. ; to bring into contact, combine, join, mingle etc. ; to associate with (accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃchidP. A1. -chinatti-, -chintte-, to cut to pieces, cut through, pierce, split, destroy etc. ; to remove, resolve (a doubt) ; to decide, settle (a question) : Passive voice -chidyate-, to be cut to pieces etc.
sampracchid( chid-) P. A1. -cchinatti-, -cchintte- to cut or split to pieces, cut through View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃtṛdP. A1. -tṛṇatti-, -tṛntte-, to fasten or tie together by means of a perforation (through which a peg or pin is passed) ; to hollow out, perforate (See below) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samucchid(-ud-chid-) P. A1. -chinatti-, -chintte-, to cut up or off completely, tear up, uproot, exterminate, destroy utterly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vibhidP. A1. -bhinatti-, -bhintte- to split or break in two, break in pieces, cleave asunder, divide, separate, open etc. ; to pierce, sting ; to loosen, untie ; to break, infringe, violate ; to scatter, disperse, dispel, destroy etc. ; to alter, change (the mind) : Passive voice to be split or broken, burst asunder etc. (also P. Conditional vyabhetsyat- ) ; to be changed or altered : Causal -bhedayati-, to cause to split etc. ; to divide, alienate, estrange View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vicchid( chid-) P. -chinatti-, -chintte- to cut or tear or cleave or break asunder, cut off, divide, separate etc. ; to interrupt (See vi-cchidya-) ; to disturb, destroy ; to be divided View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vid cl.7 A1. () vintte-, to consider as, take for (two accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vitṛdP. A1. -tṛṇatti-, -trintte-, to pierce, bore, cleave, break asunder, excavate : Causal -tardayati- idem or ' vi-tritīya- etc. See .' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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